HOW PROS can CARRY ANY GAME – Safelane Tips to Adapt, FARM FAST and WIN | Dota 2 Guide

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In this Dota 2 carry guide, coach Speeed covers a pro Juggernaut player at work! Use these safelane tips and tricks to adapt, farm faster and with more efficiency, and to snowball an insurmountable gold lead. Carry in ranked and rampage with this advanced guide to build a god-mode carry hero!

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  • bro no matter how good u are, when u have apes in team who pick afk wood and leave u solo 1v2 as safelane carry u cant do shit! The worst thing is how that afk wood tard is flaming the rest of the team when they lose all lanes, while he is in jungle dominating those neutral creeps.

  • I got a headache watching the rapid switching

  • 2:20, it's not "feeding" if you're trying to get away and you're ganked under tower.

  • Hi speed. I have a question
    So u think am mid is good in high rank match?
    Because I play 6 game in divine rank and I won 5 od 6
    I rely want to know is this good or I was luky

  • hey speed, make a guess the rank with this match ID: 5285843686 plz

  • Poor.sven….

  • What do I do if I should scale into late but whole team is farming Woods and pushing out other lanes sololy leads into getting ganked and dying

  • 3k players be like "they have lone druid ss and lycan on their team. Better buy this 15 minute midas on wk"

  • After watching this my mmr climb up from 3.5 to 4.7 Tnx Speedy for this guide really helped me a lot.

  • PugPug

    Author Reply

    Someone help me boost my mmr i got 166 mmr

  • Me farming lanes, gets ganked by a 4 man the first try.

  • i had to watch this considering i was in the same situation yesterday with a tinker

  • QOP = Kwap

  • I never knew being a carry had more job than just sitting in ur lane for ever .



    Author Reply

    Very informative 😊

  • How to carry with no support in the team guide.

  • Thank youuuuuu speeeeeed

  • I apply this farming pattern but still cant get good win streak 😭

  • the problem with these guides is that the ones who are watching this are already ancient – immortal no herald crusader gaurdian are watching this

  • how do you counter farming cores that does this method?

  • can u guide for slark?

  • in the tutorial,the score will be close like 11-13 or 9-11 in midgame,meanwhile in sea server,the usual score were like 20-8,20-7 and its fucking too late to do all this