How I Got a Scummy Developer Twitch BANNED! — CivilContract

The stream is over, was 30h long, but you can still follow me here:

Varius Benson has been a bad boy, and I have been an inactive boy, so just a little catchup cool story to share to you all, and also a new look at the up and coming EPIC early access release of CivilContract, or Civil Contract, we still don’t really know which one it is. It looks better than the last bunch of gameplay, but if past experiences tells us anything, it’s that this means very little!

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  • i am live

  • what a boring video lulz

  • You dirty bastard…… I LOVE IT

  • is there a full recording of the conversation i would love to hear it lol

  • how embarrising for this developer! what a douche!

  • Wait what does PoE stand for?

  • You know, the funny thing is the only stuff that PsiSyn showcased in that video, that is actually Varius Benson's… Is a couple of the signs and such, animations, and menu items/UI. If needed, I can list you all, every single asset that he showcased in that video. Ranging from the terrain/level itself (which he only minorly altered), to the building interiors, the CCTV camera, the fire extinguisher, and the prison toilet. Nearly 95% is all assets that he straight up didn't even care to re-arrange or alter.

    It's disgusting that a person can have such an attitude, mentality, lack of professionalism, misuse of authority, and narcissistic personality that this Benson guy has, yet still continues on like nothing is bothering his game.

    Forreal though, who here would actually play something knowing the horrible shit that the main developer has said and done?

  • vicvic

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  • 17:45 preview means that the lighting has been built correctly lol

  • Glad to see Lewis is back <3

  • na fuck him, you good fam

  • Your first sign that this is not a person you want to be dealing with, when theyre supposed to be a dev and they cant spell words like "moment" or "great" lol how fucking dumb must you be to spell "great" as "grate"!?

  • Dat shirt tho…

  • Yo Lewis Oregon may be cool and all but there is a county ab 2 hrs from my house that has no active police officers in most areas. People from Cali buy the “beautiful property” then get their houses broken into and murdered.

  • 17:40 The preview on the floor means he hasn't baked the lighting yet. What that suggests to me is he just finished putting that room together at the time of the video.

  • JpresJpres

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    Disappointing to see a developer abuse their power like that. I've been modding and working with the tools in Onset. I'm thinking Onset is going to be huge once some more experienced modders hit the scene. The modding tools are very powerful in it compared to the other RP games.

  • 7:14 fail RP he was cuffed from the front support channel 1 pal

  • I've seen preview written on the ground before it was the police game I believe I don't know what it was called off the top of my head but big fry did a video on it

  • Real developers don't publicize their game before the core gameplay is finished this way there is copy of the game to send to testers p.s. a development of a game such as these so-called developers are dreaming of creating would cost upwards of 7 million dollars to create especially if you wanted it to be a half-decent game what happens with these so-called developers in my opinion is they go to things like GTA 5 create a mod and think they can build again creating a modern building a game are two entirely different things I've had developers like this guy come to me and say that they are developers when I asked them what kind of games they have been involved in in the past I get answers like GTA 5 mods or Ark survival evolved full conversion mod there is an awful lot of indie developers who are going around in claiming to be full pledge developers but have in fact only worked on mods the reason this is different is a mod already has the core game there you are just adding to that core game with different skin packs or in some cases even their own art but at the end of the day you are not building the core of the game which is the hardest part of building a game and I think that's where a lot of these kinds of game companies go wrong they start advertising the game early before they have even got a core game they try to make the game look pretty but in fact it has no actual consistency if you get what I mean every game company real game company this is that I have worked with in the past build a game from its core without it all this pretty stuff is just that pretty stuff that won't work on mass scale this is just my kind of opinion or however you want to take it I guess but I feel very strongly about the fact that these people are in fact scammers and I feel very strongly that civil contract if ever released will not be what they have promised not even close and even if it was good the bad PR this so-called developer has created for the game through attacking YouTubers over bad feedback instead of taking that feedback on board and moving forward working with that feedback as every other game company in the world does for example so I've mentioned GTA 5 Rockstar Games they might not comment back to every bad comment they might not respond to every abusive email about issues with their games but they do take all that very seriously bring it on board and make the appropriate changes this way the bad feedback becomes a thing of the past the only way I could see this game becoming any kind of a 6S is if various Benson was to leave the company all together and have no financial benefit from it I feel that the community will not want to put money towards this game because of its head developer once again just my opinion that this comment is getting too long I'm going to watch the rest of the video now lol

  • You were right to report him in that case with twitch I really want this guy's name so I can take him down

  • This guy is Australian I believe the guy that does civil contract so under Australian law this is federal law there are state laws that pertain as to Audio and camera footage together as a whole but Australian federal law states that you can obtain recording of audio or video without the person's permission the only time you must ask for the person's permission and get their Express permission is if you intend to use audio and video of the person in question so under Australian or you would have been able to display this guy's voice because you were not showing imagery of his face at the same time also together as a whole or if you were using said audio or video for legal purposes it would not be able to be used as evidence in a court of law I believe it is similar there in the United States where YouTube has no choice but to obey the laws of the land they are operating Within this means if you have a right under Oregon law to post this then you have a legal right to do it and if YouTube were to copyright strike your video or anything like that you could take legal action against them as they are attempting to breach the law by not providing you with your rights under the law if you get what I mean under oregon water post this then under oregon wall to post this then you have a legal right to do it and if youtube were to copyright strike your video or anything like that you could take legal action against them as they are attempting to bridgeville or by not providing you with your right under the wall if you get what i mean as i said i'm not 100% as to whether that's how it works in america or not but here in australia as explain previously he could not legally take any actions against you because you're only using the audio of his voice and not a visual recording at the same time just a little bit of information for you hope it helps you out in the future this guy is an embarrassment to the Australian people in fact I wouldn't even call him and Aussie because he has lied scammed and schemed his way along with this whole civil contract thing if I knew his real-life name I would be asking local authorities to take criminal actions against him for his scamming actions if anybody can give me the information that I require a name or state that this guy lives in anything like that then I will be able to contact the authorities and have actions taken against him to stop him being able to continue to scam people online here in Australia we have very strict laws when it comes to scamming online especially if you're an Australian citizen and are found to be committing the crime he is an embarrassment to his country he is an embarrassment to his country and I hope he read this comment so we can know just how embarrassed his country is over him because I'm not the only one there are many other solicitors out there just like me hunting this guy for his scamming ways this kid won't know what hit him when the federal police come banging on his door

  • You can't do Varius dirty enough. He's a scumbag.

  • IMO The action itself wasn't scummy because you were right, he could've accidentally leaked others IPs and even yours but what was extremely scummy was you going out of your way to message him pretending that you were trying to help him and then pretending like you had no implication with getting him banned.

    Don't get me wrong, the guy definitely deserves it but you could've handled it without the backstabbing.

  • the preview thing is uv maps so yeah its a lighting thing

  • When are we getting some DayZ?

  • All these shitty RP games in pre-pre-pre- Alpha have all just melded into my head into one giant glob of crap and i can no longer figure out which one was which.

  • KingKing

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    With their skill set, if they really were into roleplaying they probably could've made a really nice gta rp server/rdr2 to or arma.

  • ESCAPE FORM TARKOV HAS VOIP NOW???? you already know EFT rp is coming

  • Lewis why didn't you mention the fact that Benson gave you an 80 dollar refund, I dont know man your a really sketchy guy you only say what makes Benson look bad. One day the truth will come out all of it, and your going to get a lot of hate. Just leave Benson alone.

  • I won't lie the gameplay looks really good compared to any other roleplay game to date. TBH I have watched all your videos Lewis and you are just repeating negative stuff that he did in the past and you do not even bother to acknowledge that theirs been so much improvement. Heres a is a link for anyone who wants to read Benson acknowledging his past.

    Also, this is the only Standalone RP game at the moment so why dont you try something for a change and instead of making it harder for Benson when he obviously, doesn't have much funding, why dont you just 1. not make videos on it and let him do his thing or 2. make videos but dont make them negative and mention something that happened in 2018 when you already made a video about that stuff.

  • Not sure how licensing works but in the steam trailer there are cars from Ford and Holden, I doubt he has a license to use those cars in his game?

  • Lewie has a new wife gg no re

  • Lewis: has VPN and uses it


  • Wooo woop psi is back!!!

  • ive watched you for 3 years and ive only started playing games likewise to arma3 and open world role-play games for the first time over a few months, thank you for keeping me entertained lewis!

  • Lol the guys is a spastic, I know plenty of dyslexic people and they don't fuck shit up like he does

  • The game still looks shit, fuck you varius you asshole.

  • The box

  • No man's sky wasn't a mainstream developer now that game is dope

  • Man is back

  • Contint!

    Were the pancakes atleast nice?

  • Fuck Kate Brown.

  • nice to see that you are back missed watching your vids

  • To Mr Benson,

    Surely with not a single doubt in my mind, you are or have watched this video. You well and truely know who I am so no need to introduce myself.

    As it seems that you're a person of "knowledge" within the correspondence of the law, I believe that some (to be fair, majority) of your game assets include copyrighted materials.

    Let start off by naming a few!

    Let's track to 5:53… I don't know if you realise (considering you should be aware of what you put into a game that you own, develop and essentially is the "CEO" of your company), but having a Victoria Police Recruitment Banner which solely belongs the property of the Law Enforcement Agency and the Victorian State Government, you under no terms are entitled to published it regardless of the form of the banner (modified or original) to your game under the Copyright Act 1968

    Secondly, just like that Banner, that list goes on with using Logo's from Bunnings, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Victoria Police, Metropolitan Fire Brigade/ Country Fire Authority etc. (the list goes on), renaming and modifying a copyrighted material doesn't give you ownership rights just because you renamed it some weird name. (like honestly what the f**k is OzBurg Police?)

    Moreover, from what I know in terms of Business and how one operates (Unit 3 & 4 VCE Business Management and Legal Studies), by now, a Managing Director / CEO with the personality, attitude and ethic that you represent sir, you should've stepped down before any of this made its way to mainstream media (as you lack the average knowledge to understand what mainstream media is, well to sum it up for you, the platforms that you lie on, defame and accuse people and members of actions that don't represent them but really do represent you, those are YOUR mainstream media).

    Mr Benson, by now a person in their right minded knowledge would own up to their mistakes, accusations, fraudulent activity and tell people they're sorry for what and all they have done wrong.

    These people would take feedback and reviews as constructive criticism in developing and enhancing the game rather than go to bed feeling angry and crying all because they pointed you out for having a terrible and worthless game.

    I know you're child that likes to blame others for your own mistake (and many people do, it's natural -to a certain decree), but from day one that I and many of whom you have come across have met you or talked to you, there is no other way to describe you but as a narcissistic scam artist that clearly has no understanding of the law with the abuse of the DMCA, you sir, try to get your way out of everything.

    At this point, your "Project" is on the verge of collapse. Rather than flexing about how you got $90K of crowd-funded money into your bank account (btw noticed you don't even have an ABN, you're gonna get taxed at-least 90% of what you got there in your personal bank account), you should've focused on engaging people to your game rather than running from criticism and negative views of your game. To be honest, I think most of these views comes from who you are as person rather than your game, your attitude to the community and consumers affected your brand and its identity.

    Mr Benson, I think it's time you step-down and end it, do what you have to do financially to compensate those applicable through consumer protection, but there isn't much humility in you left to be trusted as a CEO/Owner of a game that has constantly been switched around between Alpha and Beta versions for the past 5 years.

    It's Over!

  • Whos gonna pay for a game that looks like Garrys Mod

  • If ur gonna play gta 5 play doj dm polecat

  • coming from a guy who misled kids by rigging csgo betting videos.

  • The "Preview" on the floor is just that they built the preview lighting and not higher quality one

  • A bit mean to get him banned, could’ve reached out to him and asked him to stop first, but ultimately he had it coming. He said it himself he doesn’t stream much so it probably won’t ruin his life.