History of BloodRayne (2002-2011)

History of BloodRayne (2002-2011), Blood Rayne Evolution.
Hello, dear viewers of the GameDigger. Today we are glad to present you a new video about the most femme fatale in the games of all time. The plot of the series of games dedicated to the girl, half-vampire (Dampier), who fought against the Nazis and Nazi-occult organizations seeking to acquire world domination.

Bloodrayne (0:09)
The story takes us back in 1933-th year. The warrior named BloodRayne – half vampire – was hired by the mysterious Brimstone organization to destroy the leader of the German Nazi Jurgen Wolf (Jurgen Wulf). Armed with claws, swords and firearms, wonder woman went to war with the Nazis and monsters generated by occult science.

Bloodrayne 2 (1:31)
BloodRayne 2 – third-person shooter, which is set in the 2000s, 60 years after the events of the first part of the game. Half-Vampire Rhine destroys vampires and cultists who worship her father, Kagan, to prevent them from destroying mankind.

Bloodrayne: Betrayal (2:37)
In this our half-vampire Rayne continues her adventures. In this part in the game has changed almost everything – this was once the third-person action, and now it is a game with a side view, very much resembling Castlevania.

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  • History of BloodRayne (2002-2011) Evolution of Blood Rayne. Share this video and subscribe. At next week we will make History of Gothic.

  • In the live-action Bloodrayne Film Trilogy:

    They should've gotten Christina Hendricks to portray Rayne, with 于仁泰, Ronny Yu as the director and Danny McBride as the screenwriter.
    It would make the films less sh!tty.

  • needs full remaster

  • I feel like this series could make a comeback right now. Hell, she’s a Vampire secret agent who was trying to kill supernatural creatures AND Nazi’s. If that’s not a license to print money, what is?

  • Where’s the history asshole? Fuck you!

  • 2011 sux

  • Really love the first game for the story, atmosphere and the look and it being an open world and the ability to pick up weapons.
    The second game has better graphics and animation and effects, but i found it to be overly glossy and glamorous and like any other "kill all enemies to progress to the next area" games in the style of Devil May Cry, which made me feel restricted to not much options. Not being able to pick up weapons was the major drop for me, even though I completed it and loved some level designs. The issue with the design that I had though was the more cartoonish look and bright colored blood, which looked more fake. If I had to put both games in music genres, the first one would be Oldschool rock, gothic and metal and the second one as modern metal (nu, core) : D

  • This series is criminally underrated! Rayne was always a interesting powerful character and just imagine a current gen bloodrayne game, it would be like bayonetta with blood!

  • It's soo underrated.

  • I do have played Bloodrayne 2.

  • I remember my dad letting me play this when I was like 7

  • Loved blood rayne 1 and 2 .after that it went to shit

  • I didnt hate Bloodrayne Betrayal. I couldnt beat it the first time around because I'm not great at platforming but it was ok. Definitely some epic moments and the parts where you had to run were so clutch. It was small but it was fine too and gave me a little hope. The one thing though was near the end of the game when they let you turn into a bird the damn game would make you invisible upon turning back to a humanoid form making an already challenging level very frustrating and I thought that was soooooo lame.

  • What platform is the Bloodrayne 1 on because it looks way better for some reason graphically? Also amazing gameplay. Way better than any lets plays I've seen. Reminds me more of how I played it.

  • Bloodrayne 3 was sooo bad

  • I didn't even know they made a 3rd one. But it looks
    Like crap compared to the 1st and 2nd


  • Also watch histoyr of Crysis:

  • How about history of Thomb Rider?

  • First two games was not so bad, bu the third one….

  • Bloodrayne: Betrayal is the worst in the series!

  • OH! That's fantastic!!