HADES 9 Pre-Alpha Teaser

This teaser was made by Dan and Nick over the holidays for the “Neon Challenge” Unity launched last December, a nice side project to gain experience making trailers for the game.

As is stated in the title, this is a Pre-Alpha teaser, everything seen in this teaser is recorded from in game environments which are still heavily under development.

The end times have come and gone. Once the dominant force in the galaxy, now mankind has been reduced to small pockets of pitiful straglers that try to survive by any means nececary.

HADES 9 station is the last human stronghold, a hell of slums and misery that is constantly on the brink of starvation.

You are the admiral of a small fleet charged with the protection of your people. HADES 9 is hell, and you call it home.

HADES 9 is a MMO-RTS with RPG elements currently in development by us, Legion Tech. You can check us out here:



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