HADES 9 Pre-Alpha Gameplay Teaser

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This new HADES 9 trailer shows of both the current state of the game as well as features we are currently working on. Everything in the video is still in alpha stages, quality across the board will raise further before release!

This video was part of the June 2018 update, which can be found here:

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  • Remind me of the game " Flagship"

  • this game has some really cool lore behind it, but is it still being developed?

  • looks great but the real question is can you play by the first rule of warfare in the game?

  • Looks amazing! Getting a real Homeworld vibe from the skybox. How did you achieve those stunning clouds?

  • That's one captain with HORRIBLE neck posture

  • Silence of the lamb is also a famous gameplay…

  • The admiral suit looks so out of place. It looks way too uncomfrotable even for some "fantasy marine" character. It would probably fit more on a direct assault soldier type. You couldn't even sit on a chair in that thing.
    My advice, make it softer…get inspiration from soft pilot equipment. I know you're trying to make some "cool" edgy marine type thing, but it's out of place and doesn't use a visual language that would describe what an admiral does.

  • Will It have a single player mode? It Will be 100% online ?

  • Oh shiiiiiit, the web store is live now!?!? I've been trying to give Hades 9 some time to develop so I've been purposefully not watching things, today is a good day!

  • Mother ship, online.

  • I arrived here by way of Issac Arthur's channel. Great artwork!


    Author Reply

    Feels like RTS StarCitizen! But that you can actually run on pc without 1080Ti SLI on OC 8 core CPU 64GB tam and NVMe. Good Sci-Fi game is always welcome.

  • Oh my. Ambitious and an interesting approach to the type of game i think you guys are trying to achieve. You can have some money.

  • Colour me intrigued, I am always interested in space RTS games, and games that promise a kind of mmorts experience. Will be keeping an eye on it

  • Keep up the great work its devs like this with indie development I really buy games from nowadays due to the time and passion these people pour into this game, I was actually quite surprised that Issac Arthur sponsored this game, now that this game is in pre-alpha il try and help out financially in any way I can sorry I didnt support you guys earlier but usually a lot of games dont get this far. One thing I would like to know is your statement for the game, yes paying for cosmetics items is a touchy issue but its something that in my case is alright but my true question is can people set up there own "shops"?

  • meaty humans are commanding their ships on their slow speeds with their fatty brains…
    ridiculous future

  • Cant wait for this. What is the price expected to be?

  • NuveyNuvey

    Author Reply

    Is this going to be multiplayer?

  • This is amazing, can't wait to play it!

  • I hear Issac Arthur's voice when reading the text, please have him narrate.

  • How big will be the galaxy? how you will deal with the space travel? will be with somekind of FTL?

  • Can you guys tell the specifications needed to play this masterpiece?