Hades 9 Devchat: Insanity

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The Hades 9 Development Blog continues with a discussion of lore and back story impacting character development. On the call are Guo Zhan Tang, the lead writer of the Hades 9 short stories and audio dramas, Nick Nieuwoudt, the Legion Tech Chief Exec, and Isaac Arthur of SFIA, the tech consultant and game lore writer.

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  • Would love to assist with voice acting

  • Backstories and a lack of sanity in crew and leaders on the ragged edge? Something like : "HA. The general dog's body might be a man with a plan when everyone loses their minds, and be a budding axe-murderer, I mean highly functioning psycho waiting for a place to happen, as in the right trigger event… Because keeping everyone happy and safe while chopping up "bad guys" is the same thing, right? Hahaha. Sure that would be pirate was a tough, strutting around as the "new leader" and nasty guy no one wanted tangle with… He should have learned not to sleep. His mistake."

  • Please get my name if byf he’s got an amazing voice