Gilligan's Island–The INJURY "Skipper" Had ON SET That You Probably DIDN'T Know About!

Gilligan’s Island–Here is the INJURY Skipper Had ON SET That You Probably Didn’t KNOW About!

Sometimes people on the show got hurt! Here is an instance where the Skipper (Alan Hale Jr.) got injured on set. You can see a tell-tale sign during a large portion of the episode where he was bandaged up. Don’t Forget to participate in the giveaway.

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  • “The Skipper too”……
    🎶 🎼 🎵 ⚓️🛥 🏝😁

  • check out puddles pity party "stairway to gilligans island".. youll love it

  • StwStw

    Author Reply

    I love the skipper in this and how well he played with Bob Denver. Their characters were wonderfully matched. Whether I win the contest or not is not important, but that I still love the show into my 60s is. My poor family has to put up with it all the time when I watch it.😊

  • Poor skipper he’s had the brunt of the accidents.😢👎🏻

  • im sorry but as a construction worker thats worked with broken bones, deep lacerations. burns… i have to laugh at the little tiny band aid and a scratch on the ear… im sure he got paid more per episode than i do for a weeks worth of work today

  • skipper

  • I really like watching the skipper on the show

  • The skipper was great

  • I'm really enjoying your videos. I'd be thrilled to hear more stories about the Skipper and all the rest of the 'cast'. He he.

    And I'm happy to have stumbled upon people who love Gilligan's Island and the old shows as much as I do!


  • My favorite ongoing gag was how the Skipper would get mad at Gilligan and just settle for hitting him with his hat.

  • The skipper was a tough man!!! 💪💪

  • love this ep!

  • Good stuff! Keep it up!!

  • Only on Instagram ??? Some people don't do Instagram Facebook Snapchat etc etc !!! I'm surprised you're not smart enough to know that those websites you have no privacy !!! Where do you think the pigs get all their incriminating information on people ???

  • Hello Rick, thank you for another wonderful video. I grew up watching the original Giligan Island TV program as a kid & enjoyed it immensely! I felt the Skipper was the castaway's leader. He was like a father or uncle figure to me. I would gladly watch & enjoy Giligan's Island again if I recieved these DVD's, thank you.

  • Gigglebum s Island

  • Kind of, kind of, kind of

  • Thanks

  • All your videos are great ! Please keep making them !

  • I loved the Skipper as a kid …I always wished he was my dad

  • I met Mary ann at super mega fest in Massachusetts very nice lady had my picture taken with her

  • "Dedication" is a word for it. "Professionalism" is another.

  • Skipper should have had make up on the bandage to make it blend in ,, just saying

  • I knew about him breaking his arm, but I didn’t know about this one. Thanks.

  • The Skipper also made a cameo appearance on the 1960s TV show Batman he played the cook of the diner he was called Gilligan by Chief O'Hara also the Skipper also appeared on on episode of the wild wild west as Robert Conrad's mission partner when the mission was over Robert Conrad asked him what (Alan Hale/Skipper) was going to do he said he was going to go to a deserted island and they played the theme music from Gilligan's island

  • Another great video Skipper & Gilligan really did make the show they worked well together with their slapstick gags

  • I didn’t notice the bandage till you pointed it out.

  • 🌴 🤕👂🎬🌴

  • The skipper was my favorite ever since I visited his restaurant on (either La Brea or La Cienega).

  • Ouch! SKIPPER

  • In the 1950s Alan Hale starred in the tv show "Casey Jones". Can be seen on youtube.

  • Part of the reason that Alan Hale Jr was such a "Trooper* was simple, and you never mention it. Look Up Alan Hale Sr and a guy by the name of Errol Flynn!

  • Thanks, another fun episode with the skipper!

  • Been subscribed for sometime now (: I loved watching The Skipper and Gilligan as a kid. And now.