"Gilligan's Island" DARK CINEMATIC COVER (feat. Nicole Serrano) // Produced by Tommee Profitt

“Gilligan’s Island” feat. Nicole Serrano // Produced by Tommee Profitt

Covers (Vol. 1) is available now everywhere you listen to music!

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Tommee Profitt is an Award Winning Producer / Composer / Songwriter. He produces full-time in his studio in Franklin, TN and works artists of all genres. He is most notably known for his work with HipHop artist NF, and has had his productions placed in Movie Trailers, TV Promos, Video Games, ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, ESPN, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAA Sports, NETFLIX, Hulu, Amazon Prime, MTV, VH1, HBO, CW, OWN, GOLF, Freeform, Showtime, Starz, Mountain Dew, Finish Line, Under Armour and more. During the early years of his career, he traveled around the country for 13+ years performing concerts with this band. Originally from Michigan, he now lives in Franklin, TN with his wife, Angela, and 3 kids, McKenlee, Colton and Avery.


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  • Sometimes you gotta just not take yourself too seriously lol …as I was wrapping up my Covers album, I felt like it needed something 'ME' on there… something a little silly and ridiculous… a song that NOBODY would ever expect to receive the cinematic treatment. We searched all the 90's sitcom themes, old commericial jingles… and then landed on this. The Gilligan's Island theme. So here it is… the cover the world never knew it needed!

  • Imma bet apex is gonna put this song in season 6 trailer

  • I love this but let's not give Blumhouse ideas of making a terrible horror reboot of Gilligan's Island, they already wrecked Fantasy Island 😂

  • you always have such amazing music

  • Creepy but i love it. This song shouldve been the soundtrsck for the movie ALIEN CODE !!

  • Nice! Can you imagine what the series would be like if re-made to fit this version of the song. It was fun to watch after school when I was a kid but now wonder what did I ever see in the show. That said, the dark overtones this cover brings to mind a mash up of Gilligan's Island, Jurassic Park, Pirate's of the Caribbean, and Night of the Living Dead. I'd watch that!

    Another one knocked out of the ball park Tommee!

  • Mineirinho ultra adventures

  • Perfect 👍👍👍

  • EA is soon gonna promote all your songs. They already did 2

    "I know your secrets"
    "There can be only one king"

    Love your song man! Keep it up ☝

  • I am one of your fan. Every time you release a song, i listen and download it at the same time. Please make more and keep inspiring people to admire this incredible piece of yours

  • The best cinematic remixe!

  • Well shit, im about to book me a 3 hour tour… 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Gahd Dayum

  • Wow, that is amazing! Gilligan via Game of Thrones. Love it.

  • This sir, is awesome!
    If they can remake Fantasy Island as a thriller/horror, no reason Gilligan's Island can't be that too. I'd say JJ Abrams should direct it, but I think he might have already done something with an island before…

  • If Gilligan's Island does get remade and this ISN'T used, I'm not going, and that's a lifelong fan talking lol! Cheers, Tommee! What a lovely idea!!

  • Excellent. I love this remake. Congrats. A job well done again. 😉😉😀

  • cinematic version of this is me from the greatest showman

  • Could you make a Cover from Sirens by Fleurie, please?
    Or antything else from her 😀

  • That's what sets you apart from other artists your a music genius

  • Please sud

  • Just awesomeness! be and play safe all!

  • LeilaLeila

    Author Reply

    Clever. Maybe even genius.

  • I love it! I grew up with it! I like it a lot!!

  • This would make a good theme song for a new show 'Naked, Afraid & Shipwrecked: The Isle of Gilligan'

  • Love. All the song from your'e. Studios 😘

  • Ooh chills are shooting up and down my spine and I can’t get enough. Keep it up Tommee. You’re awesome ❤️

  • OMG Tommee.. you're soooo amazing !🤯😱

  • GSL Code S. After Scarlett won an awesome SC2 game. This song played as her victory track. Absolutely Epic!

  • Even before clicking I was "this!"

  • FaygoFaygo

    Author Reply


  • How do u have that voice thing what ever it is

  • Well, my childhood is ruined but I like it 💝