GameMaker Studio Tutorial – 2D Hack-n-Slash #1: FIRST LINE OF CODE

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A GameMaker Studio Tutorial for beginners. Make games and learn to code in this free 2D hack-n-slash series.

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  • Great video and thankyou, but even following step by step I get a black screen every time I press play, anyone else?

  • if I create a new account with a new email will I be able to get 30 more days free?

  • bro drag n drop doesnot work now

  • i didnt have a downloaded file

  • Hi, my english Is bad, i'm sorry, i want to say you are amazing thank so much, and i have a question… i can do this in game maker studio 1.4 ???

  • Your course resources have my friend i'd of itch uheartbeast and its his game grave..???????

  • when i try to import the sprites NOTHING HAPPENS

  • Do you have or know about any game maker 2 tutorial without coding?

  • Does the codes works on Gamemaker Studio 1 ?

  • The links don't work?!

  • but arent the enemies hiting each other now ? it doesnt fell like the right thing

  • clearly state that it is GMS 2 and not GMS

  • Te ganaste un Subs+ 😀

  • I have a question. Its not about your game but I just need a bit help. I wanna make a gun for my enemy that shoots in the direction of the angle of my enemy Sprite. So how can my Gun have the same angle like my enemy?

    My idea was

    Image_angle = image_angle (oEnemy);

    But that just doesen't work.


    And maybe sorry for my quit bad english:D

  • Is there any tutorial without coding? cause the game maker we were using is not coding anymore.

  • Awesome video it really helped me!!! :D!!! But when you went into the idle skeleton object to change how fast it was, you could have just changed the frames per second in the sprite. Anyway, this video helped a lot and thanks for teaching me another way to set the speed of your sprite. 😀

  • How do you move the grid around with your mouse?!?!?!?!

  • good vid my dude

  • Thanks for the tutorial. You should add a patreon. (I have your book also)

  • Fuck it I'm subbing I'm gonna watch these a lot too bad u need to pay to publish lol

  • Bought the pixel art course too 🙂 Thanks for the tuts Ben!

  • YamaYama

    Author Reply

    could you use this tutorial on GameMaker Studio 1.4 or no?

  • I Will make sure to let my like on ALL videos of this playlist

  • i hate people who try to teach gaming but they teach the most useless way to do things.. like that sprite moment speed why u need to make a code for it?! when the engine does it just go and edit sprite and change the speed there and u are done .. its just to make people waste time and learn useless codes

  • how do you equip the recources

  • if one uses another language for example German coded then the gamemaker language also changes?

  • SoUlS lIkE

  • WIll you be converting this course to Godot3? If not, how difficult would it be to follow along with Godot?

  • In theory, can you take the knowledge of this great tutorial and put it into a game engine like Unity?

  • where is the grave resources section?

  • HellgHellg

    Author Reply

    Oh my god.. Game Maker really changed A LOT since I lunch it in back days in school in 2009 0_____0. Ben, you do fantastic job! Thank you so much! And your game – is awesome. I really like it style.

  • still loving your tuts! left Game maker for awhile and have come back! tutorials are still the best!

  • I am nine and want to be a delvepor

  • That's really weird. I'm using GMS2 but for some reason when I highlight all the sprites and try to drag them into the game through the Sprites folder or where they don't import…I just get the circle symbols with the line diagonally through it

  • Oh wow I'm getting in on this while it's still new! Cool. 😀

  • Let's go !

  • Hey Benjamin, I'm a student of yours in both you Pixel Art and Action RPG courses, and I'm glad to see a Side-Scroller course!

    I have a question that may be a bit random at this point but it's something I always wanted to understand better and since this video touches a bit… how exactly is screen resolution and scaling handled in Game Maker? I see games, well, most if not all, games that use Pixel Art are originally ran in a small resolution but the option to scale to multiple resoutions including Full HD is also there, how is that done, precisely?

  • Thank you for showing how to set the text size in the workspace without using the Ctrl + mouse wheel

  • how do I upload a game onto

  • I have not yet had the opportunity to learn GameMaker Studio 2, from what I've seen, you can make tremendously cool games, and the workflow is much faster compared to more complex engines. Seeing that now you opened a new tutorial series, and it's focused just on my favorite genre, you are encouraging me to learn, thank you dear instructor/developer/designer, you have a true beast heart :D.

  • Muito obrigado pelo seu imenso trabalho Benjamin!

  • Wow!! Another series of tutorials by HeartBeast! You just made my day a thousand times better!

  • Hey I remember watching this stream 1~2 years ago! Gonna check this out 🙂