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Galaxy Tab S6 vs Tab S5e – Full Comparison

Is the Galaxy Tab S6 worth the extra $250 over the Galaxy Tab S5e?
We compare literally everything we can in this video!
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Design Differences – 0:35
Fingerprint Sensors – 1:55
Display Comparison – 2:46
Display Quality Compared – 3:23
The S Pen – 4:14
Keyboard Comparison 5:05
Speaker Comparison – 7:15
Camera Comparison – 8:03
Performance Comparison – 8:37
Battery Life – 9:37
Graphics Performance – 10:16
Conclusion / Better Value? – 11:00

In this video, we compare basically everything about Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S6 and Galaxy Tab S5e tablets!

We take a look at design, displays, speakers, pencil lag, performance with Geekbench 4 and much more!

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    Max Tech Wallpapers ➡ https://bit.ly/2WNc6Qw

  • I only need one thing, a pan

  • Tab s6

  • dubbldubbl

    Author Reply

    Does it make more sense to buy a s5e or a s6 after the prize will go down?

  • 10:36

  • Orrible voice

  • Have heard the S5e has wifi dropout issues when held landscape with hand covering a corner, and that the screen has a terrible vsync/jelly effect

  • On the s5e you don't have to push the power button for the fingerprint to work and turn on the screen it turns on soon as fingerprint is scanned just by touching the button.

  • Great comparison.

  • Hope you 'd do a video on one note app usage in S6.

  • S5e does the job if primary purpose is multimedia consumption and casual gaming. S6 ofcourse has better performance as it costs much higher. I think right now android or iOS tablets can't replace laptops so I don't see much of a use of keyboard covers. If you want to ramp up the performance further then pay more and get ipad pro the best performing tablet.

  • Your analysis is excellent, but "uh" is not a word. Silence is golden when thinking about what you are going to say next.

  • Which is best tablet s5e or s6 lite

  • should i get the tab s6 or save for the tab s7?

  • Just bought the S5e 128gb version, i dont need or care for the pen or keyboard and i dont really game as i have a high end pc for that, with android 10 coming soon that should help the tablet even more

  • With some sales lately, the tab 6 is only 100 more than the s5e. I think it is worth that for stylus alone. I only wonder why reviews for tab 6 aren't great. Most stores have the s5e near 5stars, and the tab 6 and more like 3 or 3 and half stars?

  • Which is better for playing games like Pubg mobile and other games?

  • Is it possible to play city skylines?

  • Every tablet now can run multiple apps.

  • Does the S5e support Sim cards? I want to swtich from phone to tablet but I still need the phone function. SMS and phone calls

  • Im recommanding you to buy the huawei matepad pro tablet from Huawei because it has the kirin 990 which is a very strong chipset with it's performance, the kirin 990 is also same as the snapdragon 855 chipset! It packs with 7250 Mah, 10.8 inch large screen display, 8GB ram to support the performance of the tablet, large 256GB of storage and lastly, it is now priced from $500-$500 which I think it is still good for a flagship tablet

  • Is this tablet good for school let me know thanks

  • Yes and price difference almost $300 CAD

  • I just got the Tab S6 and I was looking for a video where it competes with the S5e. In your video you say that the optical on display fingerprint scanner doesn't work unless you turn on the display first which is not true. It's been several months so maybe that all changed through software updates but, just so everyone knows it does work while the screen is off.

  • S6 256 don't be hating S5 boys

  • Love my Tab S6, 8/256. Such a beast!

  • YOU ARE ONE OF THE BEST REVIEWERS I've ever watched in over a decade, thank you for this video, I have subscribed and I appreciate your thoroughness, succinctness & brevity, as you share the facts!

  • 👌👌😀👌

  • Love it ❤❤❤💗

  • Loved the comparison, great Youtuber