Extermination Game Review (Playstation 2)

Extermination Game Review (Playstation 2)
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In this video I review a forgotten gem in the PS2 library, Extermination. One of the very first survival horror games on the Playstation 2 in 2001. This is a must own for any fan of chessy sc-fi horror films.

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  • The voice acting may have been terrible but damn i really like the intense music in a few moments. Like the train bg song that crashes in2 the lock entrance or the track at 4:55 very cool.

  • Such an underrated game. Was one of my favorites when I was growing up

  • I only know this game from a demo disc I had back on PS2 and even now decades later I still remember the scene where Roger gets changed into that monster in the beginning which is where the demo ends if I remember correctly.
    Incredibly memorable scene for 5 or 6 year old me at the time.

  • First PS2 game I ever owned and the only survival horror game I’ve ever finished. Loved this game.

  • Just like Primal I still want a continuation of the IP.

  • If it doesn’t have bad voice acting is it even a true survival horror game? 😂

  • Extermination Remake PS4 & Xbox One & PC!!!

  • This was a great game. Loved the weapon customization. The story was pretty good for what it was.

  • I remember that attack scene being rated one of the worst voice acting parts. All that aside this game looks pretty nice! Definitely wanna check it out sometime!

  • love the skits man, past few videos have been great stuff man… Sucks about Capcom plug and play…. great work…

  • For the past few years gamers have seen this game as an obscure or hidden game. Sony however has promoted this game in Official U.S PlayStation 2 Magazine Demo CDs and several of them. I think this game was just ignored for one reason or another. I played this back in 2012 for the first time.

  • Early 2000s interviews with Japanese creators along side English translate too much excitement that crack me up. I don't know if anyone remembers Red Dead Revolver or State of Emergency (Rockstar games lost gems that faded away)

  • First look seems to be a mix between Resi & Dino Crisis, sure to have tank controls I bet.
    Prefer to watch a walkthrough than endure jerky camera & controls.
    Thanks for alerting me to this for comic relief if nothing else 😀