Extermination: Avalanche Reviews

Survival horror has always been an obsession of mine, but the only problem with such an obsession is running out of games. I’m getting down to the bottom of the barrel now, and recently stumbled upon this ps2 release from the first year of the console’s life. Can Extermination be the game that makes a Jill Sandwich out of Resident Evil?…………….Well obviously not, but let’s take a look anyways

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  • I really liked this game! One of my favorite first PS2 Games!

  • Anyone know how to use the dodge roll?

  • “Most will see as a pile of garbage”, said no one ever that enjoys this genre of games. This gem was ahead of its time in certain aspects like real time weapon customization for one, this game deserves a remaster.

  • I was always too scared to play this as a kid but it left such an impression on me that I've been searching for anyone else that's aware of it just to make sure I didnt hallucinate it, this game doesn't get talked about enough.

  • This game gave me nightmares as a kid

  • It's nice to see the T-block camo being used in this game.

  • First TPS survivor horror. Great game for what it was in 2001 after the fixed camera pixel PSX games.

  • I remembered playing this game back who knows when. I did play this game, and I played it A LOT as a teenager. I’m not sure why I was thinking about it today, and I couldn’t even remember the name of the the game. I had to search so many things until I finally saw the box art and got the name.

    Even to this day, I’m still saying this game and Dino Crisis should get a remake, really. I’m really loving the RE remakes, and being able to play the original Silent Hills are great, but it doesn’t always have to be zombies and biblical nightmare fuel. Sometimes other games like this one and Dino Crisis are perfect just out of sheer story and fun. Yeah, the game could use a lot of love, from the dialogue and voicing to the plot and game play, but this was a big thing. You could hang from the ceiling and shoot things, you have freedom to run around and jump and stuff that no RE game or Silent Hill can do, even in 2020. I mean, this was one of the first games to break the pre-rendered background, tank control games for survivor horror (I think). Well, most tank controls. You still had to stand in one spot while shooting. I’m glad developers figured out you don’t have to stand still to shoot a gun. This game really should be a cult classic, but it would be a really fun game to play today if they remade it.

  • I had this game stuck in my head for about 10 years without knowing it's name.

  • I like the game but to me it felt rushed. The controls are clumsy and the game is so short. Another 6 months of developing and this could have been a classic.

  • Love this Game..

  • Never knew about this game, i dont even see this in tops 20 horro game's. But then again no one knows coold fear and its a gem too. But at least siren its in toops so people played it and got releases on ps3.

  • I played this game, with wife and kids I never finished it, is it on steam?

  • Just painfully average. Annoying game mechanics. Even more annoying enemies. Combat is weak and controls are awful. Many times when you take damage, it's because the gameplay is so poorly thought out. Voice acting is also the worst I've heard and it seems broken at times. Like there are parts cut out and it sounds like some dialogue lines are slowed down or something. Weird.

    It does still have the classic survival horror structure mostly, which is good. And the secret research facility in big trouble type story straight from the 90s/early 2000s. Just keep in mind that this is not among the best survival horror games from the era. If you can suppress your subconsciousness telling you how much of a chore this game ends up becoming as you play, then go ahead and give it a try.

    Also, Cindy has the creepiest hands, man.

  • I beat this game so many times as a kid i loved it

  • DavidDavid

    Author Reply

    I think I still have this game

  • I fell in love with this game, got it a week or two after playing the demo and loved it even more, it’s not perfect but there not much of anything I’d change

  • jcjc

    Author Reply

    YESSSS i love extermination a lot! it’s one of my favorite games ever, even tho it does leave some to be desired LOL very glad to see people still playing it! as a kid, this game was SO revolutionary to my brother and i and taught us both a lot about gaming! plus the story was very emotional for the two of us to play and very riveting when ur young. it doesn’t hold up as well but the nostalgia factor draws me in hard… thx for a good review!!

  • And EVERY game has bad voice acting.

  • lol Countdown Vampires =), I am a Silent Hill freak and I also had the same problems like you =), you always discover something new though which you missed, 'Echo Night Beyond' 'The Suffering' 'Ghosthunter' and Extermination were such great finds for me. Not really survival horrors but Ghost Master [The Gravenville Chronicles, and Shin Megami Tensei Lucifer's Call were surprisingly great horror games I found which I never heard of before.

  • Such an underrated game which I am about to start again, Think Metal Gear Solid crossing old school Metroid and Resident Evil. This is the very game which the mediocre & cheaply made The Thing 2002 wished it was, (Quality and effort being the key words here, two things which can rarely be found in games anymore)

  • Main character sounds like raiden

  • 9:05 Gyarados?

  • I wonder how well it works in an emulator…

  • This game is A-plus!

  • I'm just imagining a remake/sequel of this game in the modern era. Better graphics and VO (obviously), with an updated, more over-the-shoulder camera with proper controls for it. More SPR4 options and mechanics to update combat options (like an actual reload button XD ). All the kinds of improvements that would be deserved, with new and updated enemies, as well as new perspectives for engaging them.

    I think of all of it, and honestly? I think a game like that would friggin' terrify me. Imagine seeing one of the bigger monsters of this game charging at you, roaring and snarling, with the updated visuals they deserve to truly make them monsters. Would freak me out. XD

  • Resident evil never used to scare me. This and silent hill used to scare the shit out of me so much that I could never get far past the first levels in this game. I have a lot of the intro cutscenes memorized tho

  • An absolute gem of a game

  • If your drunk enough, Countdown Vampires is good enough to play before sobering up and going to work

  • I remember playing this game, underrated and a very good one

  • This looks and sounds different from the PAL version. I must play this again as I really can't remember much of the plot of the game.

  • Loved it wow I'm that old

  • I played this back in the day as a kid on the PS2 and it was one of my favorite games of all time I love the old survival horror games you should check out Carrier for Dreamcast another survival horror game that takes place on a ship/tanker if I remember correctly.

  • Well we needed a discount Thing game plot lol

  • This was one the best HORROR games back in my old days on PS2! Best story line and very sad at the point Dennis had to finish off roger his best bud. This game always gave me the creeps and nostalgia at its finest! Remaster of this game would absolutely amazing as I’m sure Sony has the IP for this game still. BEST GAME 10/10

  • Wasn't alien water, it spreads through water smh!

  • Awesome game

  • ever felt there was something not quite right about our society? share the message

  • Ha i played it in pcsx2 and i hacked it
    I played it ps2 and i hacked it but i was already a pro in this game

  • Great review dude
    Such nostalgic feelings damn