Early Access: Civil Contract RPG – This Game is a Total Scam!

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  • Lol seriously, wtf

  • How did they spell armory differently in 3 different places and none of them were right.

  • These guys must be Australian …. commonwealth bank, Bunnings wearhouse and Australian defence forcus logo 😝😆

    Lmao at running with an m4🤣🤭

  • GomezGomez

    Author Reply


  • Hey man, I'm a new sub, love the work you're doing.

  • ..

  • I've always wanted a full on RP game were I can be a police, medical, firefighter but most of these games have made me stop backing games like this because of how scummy these devs are. If I wanted RP I play on Roblox

  • Did They Just Spell a scamming bank wrong?

  • last day on earth 3RD Person Gameplay (Pc Edition)

  • i was looking at assets and literally found the one with that death screen lmfao

  • Aren't majority of Games nowdays a scam?

  • what a piece of shit lmaoo

  • This is not a demo and sure asf not a game

  • So the guy gets mad at you because he cant do his job right bum ass human get a real job fake developer lol

  • Did u tryed Onset?

  • Supposed to be realistic yet they call it a "silencer" instead of a "suppressor". lol

  • Civil Identity :frytroll:

  • my brother is friends with the actual creator of this game and hes gonna make it better trust me

  • These guys said they would expose me and my team for not paying THEIR moddeller for models i didnt recieve.
    They threatened me and said if i dont pay the would basically ruin my own game.
    1/10 not good customer service

  • Choose your carrier 😂😂 yikes.
    Spelling is telling.

  • Time's ticking

  • I'm giving you 24 hours to accept my Like on this video.
    24 hour countdown starts now!

  • i've seen Garry's Mods maps better designed. and that' saying al ot

  • K JK J

    Author Reply

    Watching this because of the civil contract dev, fuck him

  • 28.5 GB is insane for a game demo with almost nothing in it.

  • another trash game

  • Looks like gmod

  • Dude can’t even spell, what makes him think he can make a video game hahahahaha

  • Lol

  • Still here

  • maybes its 24 months not 24 hours countdown LOL

  • The use of trademarked icons and place names will easily get this dude sued. Just because you change one letter in the name, doesnt mean someone cant identify the place and therefore its not copyrighted or trademark infringing material.

  • woo bunnings

  • Crap game lol

  • lol Fuck Varius! glad to see this video is still up.

  • Dont think I have seen a game this bad.. lol and i am a dev… i have seen some really bad WIP shit

  • KevinKevin

    Author Reply

    "a team of devs" pretty sure its one dude