Creating And Designing Your Resume

In this video we’re talking about resumes! We go over what you need on your resume, some design and layout tips, and how to have a successful resume as a graphic designer or visual artist! Thanks for watching!







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Paola Kassa


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  • I just subbed like two days ago – and I would love to see more freelance videos – just sort of updates on what you’ve learned, and how you maintain clients, and what projects you generally get.. maybe I’ve missed those videos – but I’d love to see more on that!

  • Thank you for such helpful video! 🌝 Im just not sure if i understood the beginning with having 2 versions of the resume. So you mean to do one "boring" one in Word Document and they other one creatively? Cause like, i always send mine as a PDF file, so i cant imagine how that would be impossible for some systems to read. If you could please explain this to me, what were you referring to? Thank youuu🦋

  • Are you using Adobe Illustrator?

  • I love you

  • But what if i never had work experience cuz i just got out of school and wanna work as a graphic designer? 😭😭😭

  • 👍👍

  • Thank you for everything 😊you do to help us graphic designer

  • Hey Paola! Thank you for the tips, I know you talked about having a plain resume as well as the designer resume! I currently have both, but was wondering should you always use the plain resume when applying online if you're not sure that it's going through a system, or would you recommend attaching both just in case? Thanks! 🙂

  • The software you used to design, please

  • Hello
    I love your video 💕
    Can you talk about the portfolio and if I can but all my work in it or just the best of it?
    Thank you so much 💕💕

  • Loving the vids! You have a new sub. You should search for smzeus!! It’s a handy tool to have when you’re trying to grow your social media, YouTube videos, website etc!

  • I found you through Carrie!! I could actually use a video like this and though I am currently still watching it, I just wanted to say that you are really pretty and natural on camera!! Not to downplay your skills of course 😀

  • you inspire me so much

  • you inspire me so much

  • I suggest also putting your photo
    your chances will increase high when they see they'll work with a beautiful one 😄

  • so helpful. I love your content and binging all your design vlogs and life vlogs make my week. Looking forward to many content!! Did I mention how insightful and inspirational they are… My Woman Crush Everyday,gal!!

  • can I offer you a coffee ☕️ … just kidding, I'm from Algeria😅… I like the way you speak

  • you said to only put information like previous work experience that is relevant to the job you're applying for, but for me, i'm still a student and I'm applying for internships so none of my previous work experience has been in graphic design, its only been in entry-level jobs, babysitting, etc. i wouldn't have much to put on my resumé otherwise.. what should I do in that case

  • Hey Paola, enjoy watching you day in the life of a graphic designer. Subscribed 🙂
    Hope you are having a wonderful day 😊

  • Thank your for everything your awesome 😊

  • i woke up in the morning and i found a recommended video of you . Your so cute. You made my day . Love from Greece

  • laralara

    Author Reply

    I just re-designed my resume last week since I am actively looking for jobs and during the interviews I have had so far, I got a ton of compliments on it so I feel like I did a good job! I designed it for free on I can only recommend designing it there

  • You are a cutest Graphic Designer! 😍 New Subscriber Here!

  • Hello! Paula…It was nice 🙂

  • Great Advice loved that

  • This was so handy! I loooove the design that you used for your resume! It’s super vogue-esc and clean 😍

  • Currently designing my resume to apply for graphic design internships, thanks so much for the tips! I was going to do the bubbles for the different levels in my skills but you're right, it's better to just write down what skills you do have 🙂

  • you were cute today

  • Thank u so much for your videos!

  • you're literally so helpful paola tysm.

  • You have a pretty face. Good videos. I’m Also a Graphic Designer… from Miami

  • Thank u! I was actually going to ask if u could give tips on how to write a cover letter for an internship or job. Especially with no real experience 🙁

  • Hi, How much you earn from freelancing in a month? You can say the average earning.

  • Hey, thanks for making this video🖤

  • first comment 😀