Crash Bandicoot 1 (PS1) – Meet the Save System (and 0% password) (also read desc.) (480p)

Fixed edition. As some people spread false information and some just don’t know what they’re talkin’ ’bout, here’s with examples the covering of the infamous Save System. With 0% password (it’s real). It was fun making this when being sick and coughing all the time. It doesn’t show though. Let’s be honest here, the system isn’t really that bad, you just suck at using it. That’s why you all say it sucks. As one guy said to me once, be happy that you can save in the first place. TICK READ MOAR, THERE’S MOAR IMPORTANCE IN HERE
And don’t search that one thing in the credits, please. Unless you’re 18 or older and like Japanese things.

DISCLAIMER: Quotes are self made based on what I’ve encountered.
Section 1: “To save [progress], get a gem” – FALSE. It says “GEM SAVE” and thus saves the acquired gem only.
Section 3: “I played far, then used early bonus round to save” – FALSE. Saving at a bonus round for level X saves your progress to that level you save in. If you got further it’s bye bye to that if you quit.
Section 2: I haven’t seen quotes to this but. If you skip a bonus round and then save, say at the next one, the earlier one can’t be used anymore.

Other things worth noting about the system:
– When the “SAVE POINT X% COMPLETE!” pops up in Tawna Bonus, that’s when the point where you return from Game Over is updated. This also applies to the save file and if you don’t update that to it at this point… You know the deal.
– You can’t skip saving after completing a Tawna Bonus Round, it “saves”, even if you don’t have a Memory Card inserted and it shows you the Password. (The Memory Card save is the same thing, just think of it as the Password stored in there.)
– Seems that some people think there’s not enough save opportunities to reach 100%, BUT IF YOU KNOW THE SYSTEM, IT’S DESIGNED SO THAT THERE’S MORE THAN ENOUGH.
– You can skip saving in Cortex Bonus Rounds after getting the key. However, whatever type of saving you encounter the next time, it saves all previously unsaved stuff.
– FUN FACT: One of the developers hates the save system, but it’s not really that bad once you know how it works.

So I’ve made a saving FAQ too, but GameFAGs didn’t like it, so it’s in me site:

(Yes, the video’s name is a joke referencing those Meet the Team videos.)

Want to translate this stuff to your language captions? Go here:


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  • I think the US manual sums it up pretty good, HAVE YOU PEOPLE EVER READ IT? THERE WOULDN'T BE ANY CONFUSION IF YOU WOULD'VE! Take a look at this: " An in-game Saving System allows you to record data to a memory card at certain SAVE POINTS during the game. … The SAVE POINTS are located in the Tawna Bonus Rounds. At various other points you will be given the opportunity to record the fact that you've earned a gem or key. " Then there's this quote: " You can only save on Tawna Rounds. " European manual just says "go to Tawna Bonus Round to save", and leaves it at that. Sucks.

  • AP89AP89

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    Ahhh I was wondering why loading Tawna saves sometimes started me on the next level and sometimes an earlier level. On some levels I ran through it too quick and didn't let the "x% complete" message pop up, so it saved nothing. I get it now. Still sucks.

  • Thank God the Remaster fixes the save system.

  • Thanks

  • lol XD i found out that i have an early version of Crash Bandicoot 1 and i cant save or use passwords XD literally my main screen only says "Press Start"

  • My game keeps freezing every time I reach a save point. It’ll say “reading memory card directory” and then the whole game will freeze right there before it can read the memory card. Do you think it’s a problem with the memory card? Maybe the storage is full and I just don’t know? Or is it a problem with the game?

  • Thanks for this! I bought this game recently and it's first time I'm playing it! It was in used condition so it didn't come with a manual. So this was very helpful. 🙂

  • thank you

  • Is there a way to delete a save? I already got a 100% save and I accidentally saved a game when I was doing a run relying on the password system.

  • Stu DStu D

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    Wow, awesome video, pretty deep.
    Pd: Love the 0% password

  • Thanks, I assumed that collecting a gem would save all of my progress and lost some progress.

  • Why the fuck you got the words in the middle of the screen, it makes it hard to read