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CoQ10 – Coenzyme Q, Electron Transport Chain


CoQ10 is an enzyme that takes part in electron transport chain to make energy in our cells.
It is also a good anti-oxident.

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NIH on CoQ10

Kaiser Permanente on CoQ10 (doses inlaced for various needs.)

Mount Sinai on CoQ10

A good article. Avoided discussing the side-effects

CoQ10 Synthesis

Therapeutic uses of CoQ10

CoQ10 reduces the need for steroids in COPD and Asthma patients

No relation of CoQ10 levels and the intensity of COPD and Asthma (a counter point study.)

Nguồn: https://lpmndc.org

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  • Bob PBob P

    Author Reply

    Hey Doc, I am going to need a wheelbarrow for all these supplements now 🙂 appreciated . I'le' delete this tomorrow so utub doesn't have a conniption,unless u say otherwise.

  • Im here cause this morning i bought a "Bang" energy drink which has COQ10 on the label and was curious TY for breaking it down!

  • A GA G

    Author Reply

    Would it be better to take a CoQ10 or the other form of the supplement called unbiquinol?

  • I suffer CFIDS /ME, low immunity & Energy issue. this co enzyme supposed to also help migraine, NHS;
    NAD H is another co enzyme for energy

  • JamesJames

    Author Reply

    Are not ROS essential to our adaptation to stress. I am a bit reluctant to take Q10. I am thinking it will down regulate our own ability to produce Q10. By stress I mean things like hard physical training and severe illness. If I am right then at what stage would you take Q10. Also are levels reduced with age.
    Im not sure I would trust any research that states that statins are not harmful. I think a lot of researchers are paid by organisation with an interest in selling the stuff.

  • Please talk about.
    Hydroxychloroquine. It gets removed by you tube 🤔🤔🤔 ummm. Thanks 👏👏👏👏

  • Hi Dr Been, another in-depth and interesting lecture. I have severe fibro symptoms. The information you present is empowering and enlightening. Molecular biology is sooooo interesting.

  • it is critical to also know CoQ10 and MK-7 work together in the mitochondria

  • Very informative, easy to understand… thank you! Is it beneficial to take fish oil with COQ10? I don't eat fatty meat, and do not have access to fresh salmon (or any fish) on a regular basis.

  • Thanks Dr been. Very valuable , and very good illustrations.

    Why don't you recommend inhaled corticosteroids ?
    Didn't hear your answer in the end.

    What is your thoughts on intermittent fasting ?

    It's been shown to lower inflammation , and replace damaged cells.

  • Amusing, educational and much appreciated. There was a moment 10 or 15 minutes into it, where I realized how much fun it looked like it was going to be and so I paused the video just long enough to run to the kitchen and get a snack to enjoy while watching!

  • Thank you, I appreciated this presentation.

  • Wow.. I have been taking CoQ10, Alpha lipoic acid and L-carnitine together with Ginger and cayanne. Trust me, all my headaches, back and joints pain is gone. I feel much better. I have Peripheral Nerve Pain from Non-Freezing Cold Injury from the Army and I have seen significant improvement in my overall health. I'm not taking Q10 at bed time anymore. Thank you very Doctor.

  • Thank you so much for taking time to help us learn the importance of certain vitamins & how they react in our system.

    If you don't mind dr. as I'm sure you're very busy. Can you please explain importance of the supplement Spirulina. Just whether it's worth taking & if so, the health benefits.
    I have read many studies that point to evidence of lower triglycerides, liver fat (hepatic stetosis) immune health etc etc. Again, Greatly appreciate your input in teaching the mechanism of what these nutrients do.


  • Why do CoQ10, Vitamin K2 + K1 and Vitamin A and E have so similar chemical structures?

  • I’m So Grateful Brilliant Doctors like you take the time to thoroughly explain functionality and processes of vitamins,amino acids,enzymes,etc and how they can help fight illness or disease invading us.
    You are in the group of medical professionals that truly care for the lives of others to remedy or cure and not just to mask or manage. There’s no simple practice with how you practice medicine.
    Too many practice as simple as allowed never going further that what was learned in medical school or think outside the box.
    Thank You For Not Being in that category !!!!!

  • Sir can we take COQ100 along with siddha medication like Arjuna

  • Looks like a football player you just drew up. I started taking coq10 about 6 months ago. I really don't want to be with out it anymore.

  • to protect people from marketing and misinformation

  • Thank you for the wonderful explanations…..you are amazing. I love the artistry too.

  • Plz Dr been give me the right answer
    You are the only one that I can trust
    What is the most common acid base status for corona patients specially those who are in the ICU?!!

  • Excellent information which I follow avidly, but a lot of pleasantries and deviations which is not good for busy doctors.

  • Coq10 sinthsizes in the liver is reduced somehow by taking statins. Many patients with hearth desease taking statins resolve in taking coq10 supplements for muscles performances hearth included. What is observed by many is not an evident energy rise but something like higher mental activity causing imsonia or vivid dreams. Since the major side effect is gastrointestinal problems the coq10 consumer draws the line: it does not bring benefit in any meaningful or detectable way as nhs advised. It brings gastrintestinal problems. Avoid using it with the major disconfort of coq10 producers…

  • Dr. Been, you are awesome!!! Thanks for taking the time to make these videos. Are you going to do the segment on sensitivity and specificity that you didn't get to the other day?

  • Been taking CoQ10 for years. There goes the prices and availability.

  • Where do you guys find/join live lecture at 6pm?

  • It's been a long time since Biochem so I do not recall if RNA viruses metabolize carbs only or can they also metabolize keytones?

  • Very interesting and useful as always. Thanks, sir😊👍

  • Doc, this is the first time I have delved in to a very detailed lecture of the mitochondria. Very helpful, i learned a lot. I will share the knowledge if need be. I appreciate your effort a lot.

  • As usual excellent lecture!Integrative medicine is so much better then allopathic or just homeopathic medicine..Its the best of all worlds!!
    If you can Dr.Been …I hear selenium is useful as a chelatee for heavy metals in the body. How does it help the immune system
    Also L lysine as a antiviral amino acid
    – And If you can …Comment on washing the body with soap after sunbathing .I heared the Vit D will wash off .And . I heard it takes 24 hours for the Vit D on the skin to make its way into the body.
    If almost naked in the sun and your out there for 8 hours in Florida and you produce 75,000 IUs every day for months where does does the excess go ? Does the body stop coverting the VitD when levels get too high.
    How much Vit D be stored in the body at most and where is it stored the most?

  • thank you sir for your efforts very nice drawing i wish i could have teacher like you in our medical college

  • Can you recommend a biochemistry text to relearn/revise? 28yrs since medschool.Thanks.

  • Thank you

  • I would be interested to know if, in your opinion, epigallocatechin gallate is plausibly a zinc ionophore. If so, could you teach us something about its biochemistry in the body? Many thanks for your excellent series.

  • Sorry I missed this! Listening and watching now!

  • it should be 2 versions easy-going for graduated and for students