CivilContract RPG – Threatens My Channel with False Copyright Strikes!

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  • I'm sick of these devs thinking they can ruin us by wrongfully weaponizing the DMCA System. Share this video.
    I'm live discussing the matter right now:

  • Psisyn shouldve lost his channel after he scammed.his fans and broke major laws anyway

  • They arent early access devs, they are frauds, if u are in the development field and u throw a game like this in that state, what kinda of positive criticism u are expecting. U dont need to be bigfry to see that the is not even payable. This dudes are a disgrace of the devs community.

    And bigfry f*ck them. U r making shore that sh*t like that, stay out of the market.

  • I wonder what he thinks we think of his reputation now lol

  • memesmemes

    Author Reply

    Time to review bomb his game

  • MarcMarc

    Author Reply

    Reminds me of a Dev I dealt with on 'Medieval Towns'. I posted there was a bug, and he threatened to sue me for slander

  • No one gunna say it? Psy is fucking narc fucking prick chucking you under the bus what a silly fucker deserves a slap

  • Great, now I want to play squad, but I am in office.

  • I am the WORST at trusting and falling for "early access" developers and hoping they will produce a good game. Thank goodness we have BigfryTV to set us straight!

  • One problem with this video is you didn't blur the name/emails. If you blurred it, then YT has no reason to take this down. Good call bringing this up. Games have become a promising commodity in an investment scam.

  • 24 hours, your move!

    No! 0 Hours! Do it! I DARE YOU!

  • Hahaha, i just saw your review of the game a few minuttes ago. What a total heap of dung 😀

  • "i legit can ruin your youtube career in 1 button"

    I mean, your own DrEaM pRoJECT was already ruined from the start with your absolute incompetence and unredeemable mentality.

    You and your "Game" (if you can even call it that) are both an absolute waste of Space both in PCs and in Real life..

  • False copyright claims are illegal.

  • He even ripped Australian emergency forces and brands

  • I find it hilarious how some people don't seem to understand the legal stuff about copyright strikes and wants to abuse it for their own gains.
    It's not a tool to silence people, it's a tool to take out copyrighted materials and Gameplay / Reviews aren't owned by the devs.
    so, IIRC they have no say on the matter

  • Fuck that game now.

  • Obligatory comment to help the channel!

  • confused, this game was a blast!

  • Yeah bro fuck this piss a shit. +1 sub Keep it up whit the good work +1👍🏻

  • What a fucking scumbag. Good for you standing your ground my man

  • Take This ass to court

  • As a newcomer dev this guy is a total prick. Bro you didn't deserve this. Keep up the great content