CivilContract — 7.692 MILLION km² MMORPG (Worst RP Kickstarter)!

Check out the Humble Bundle with Squad and more for $12 here:

Roleplay games seem to do this a lot: promising features that no one wants, that will never even be possible. I love CivilContract!

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  • The funny thing is that his mom works in Adult education just look it up, He doxed his own mom lol

  • Just found the forums on this fucksticks website. everybody should go make an account and troll the shit out of it. Sign this poll to piss him off!

  • AsmuoAsmuo

    Author Reply

    Any RAW news?

  • AHAHAHA that kids well-known to be a liar and toxic….

  • It's good you're not FULLY changing your commentary/video titles/thumbnails just to suit the whims of the developers – since that's just straight up censorship. It IS a scam, and people need to be warned not to buy into it lol.

  • Litterly the part where he "Customised" with placing a laptop and chairs, is the same garage that is used in the game "House Party" which is on steam.

  • Scam.
    <3 lewlew

  • So not only did the developer copy the Queensland Police but he’s also said the ANZAC line

  • He is only 14 and the biggest shit stirrer I've ever met. You know who I am Varius Benson.

  • Fucken GMod Dark Rp looks better than this

  • SmileSmile

    Author Reply

    shit game, cash grabber

  • Scam

  • 33 dislikes? Seems like the development team found the vid

  • lot of Australians , English is not there first langue , but scammy as

  • pretty sure Benson is 15 and he is dyslexic.

  • This video literally makes me spell words and sentences wrong, pls help

  • Looks like a SCAM to me…

  • Yeah I'm gonna need that picture of the cat in the Peel P50

  • Indie developers need to stay away from RP games. They dont have the man power, the talent, and they have vey little money. It's impossible. RAW, Civil Contract, NEW LIFE. Identity is stuck in development hell.

  • dude when there playing checkers is that a damn runescape gold pile? it looks similar

  • The guy sounds a lot like XtremeGamez


    Author Reply

    What a shit show m8

  • Looks like Onset is the only game will succeed for all those RP guys.

  • crackcrack

    Author Reply

    No flame, but I cant trust a guy who cant spell, and least of all even bother to spell-check it, to make a highly ambitious game. Not on his own at least. But disregarding that, the game looks and runs like shit

  • These are actually my favourite type of videos from you

  • Watching this video, i have lost all hope for game devs