CGR Undertow – EXTERMINATION review for PlayStation 2

Extermination review. Classic Game Room presents a CGR Undertow review of Extermination for the PlayStation 2 developed by Deep Space and published by Sony.

Something has gone horribly wrong at a research facility in Antarctica. Sgt. Dennis Riley is sent to investigate, and he finds that beneath the frozen landscape, a truly hellish scene awaits. A classically styled survival horror game, Extermination pits players against a strange infestation of hideous monsters.

This video review features video gameplay footage of Extermination for the PlayStation 2 and audio commentary from Classic Game Room’s Derek.


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  • G 50G 50

    Author Reply

    I like the games combat.

  • Annoying game mechanics. Even more annoying enemies. Combat is weak and controls are awful. Many times when you take damage, it's because the gameplay is so poorly thought out. Voice acting is also the worst I've heard and it seems broken at times. Like there are parts cut out and it sounds like some dialogue lines are slowed down or something. Weird.

    It does still have the classic survival horror structure mostly, which is good. And the secret research facility in big trouble type story straight from the 90s/early 2000s. Just keep in mind that this is not among the best survival horror games from the era. If you can suppress your subconsciousness telling you how much of a chore this game ends up becoming then go ahead and give it a try.

    Also, Cindy has the creepiest hands, man.

  • How playing un PC?

  • General Lotz does a better, more detailed review.

  • OLD 2001 NEW 2021

  • funny i was cleaning out my closet i found this in my game collection, this game was fun straight foward.. i would play it again right now in 2018

  • S ConS Con

    Author Reply

    CGR undertow is plauged by teenagers.

    "A much needed reinvention with resident evil 4"

    I get it, you weren't born yet but the majority of hardcore survival horror players, did NOT like the new acrade style shoot-em-up that RE4 was.

    Many original fans see RE4 as the beginning of the end for survival horror.

  • Kids these days brag about these titles
    They know nothing on gaming , yet they think they know it all

  • Max JMax J

    Author Reply

    In 2013 this review sucked…and in 2017 it kinda also sucks

  • What's the point of this review?
    You can apply your points to any old game ever created.
    This video is pointless ^^

  • awesome game! like Residet Evil Code Veronica!

  • i loved this game when it came out and it still sticks in my mind til this day. i played through it several times and enjoyed it thoroughly.

  • Fuck the Haters -_-

    This Game its awesome and a Survival Horror Game ( People dont understand at all the story -_- )

  • Extermination looks to be right up my alley, I always wondered if I should've gotten this game but never saw it at any of my stores. Glad it's cheap nowadays.

  • Why does the main character have long hair and a white uniform? My version had a black uniform and short hair.

  • The graphics are not awful. That's just stoopid. If you want awful look at the original ps2 games. The game's story I'd unique I'm that it contains genetic modification of WATER. One of the few horror games of that time to apporch genetic modification; the other being RE an D Crisis. It had unique customization and monster type. If this game was rebooted with "Tom Clancy : future soldier " like customization, and smoother movement mechanics, and an alternate story "starts strong then goes cheesy" I think it would make a very good indie project title. That or make a survival horror where you are tryimg to evac the facility and there is a crazy monster running around that can take the shape of humons much the "the thing." Imagine what you can do as a marine with tether cords and agility training. I can picture Denis being chase d by the monster then jumping off railing s with a tether cord or something to get away. Or hiding by suspending himself from a ceiling much like how you did in the original title. It would open the doors for a very different approtch to the run and hide genre that's trending right now.

  • I think if you fix all the graphics and mechanics, maybe throw in better voice acting and some more story, this could be an interesting reboot, who knows?
    It was okay back then, hey, maybe with today's tech, we could make it great…
    Besides, underbarrel flamethrower? Underbarrel Rocket Launcher? Come on, how is that not cool?

  • Your reviews are so good… sooo glad I found CGR Undertow… im a victim of soy

  • You guys are probably going to laugh at me but, it took me 3 years to pass the entire game.

  • This game really needs a sequel! I mean, not necessarily story wise but even like a spiritual successor. It's one of those hidden gems in survival horror genre and while it had it's problems, it was still very enjoyable game… story was interesting and atmosphere was awesome with creepy music. If someone ever makes a sequel to this, please don't make it an pure action game, for the love of god!

  • Agree or disagree with you, you are excellent at reviewing games. 

  • 'Much needed re-invention' …. yeh… look where that 're-invention' lead us… the near death of a franchise and genre…

  • I belive they took that battery thing from enemy zero.

  • Roger in extermination shot at random shit that nigga was fucking restarted

  • This game does not suck in 2013 everybody still play it I still play it today

  • When I first got this I wasn't even fucking scared and I was 7 that time still play it for the graphics and stuff u do

  • This game still doesn't suck. If you think this game sucks just cause it's old, then you have no good taste in games

  • They really need to recreate this game or atleast make a sequel

  • I don't think this games sucks in 2013, i still play it. and yes it has some flaws but its a really enjoyable game even to this day

  • run back here derrick

  • this game was the SHIT! 2013 devs jsut wanna copy paste games i mean what cod are we on to now GHOSTS? << HAHAHAHAHAH people hang to much on graphics n shit play the game for the feels i used to feel dead weird about backtracking through areas i have been to before thinking i shouldent be there and if anything has changed so common people need to stop being to fucking fussy i wish it was like 2001 again