BloodRayne 2 Longplay [PC]

Welcome to BloodRayne 2 Longplay!

Level 1 The Zerenski Mansion

00:25 Entry
13:02 Courtyard
21:26 Roof
24:47 Ballroom
29:46 Zerenski

Level 2 The Meatpacking District

34:46 O’Leary’s Cow
41:10 Alleys and Rooftops

Level 3 Union Station

56:39 Abandoned Train Bay
01:11:36 Abandoned Shopping Plaza
01:24:32 Club Strages

Level 4 The Sewers

01:49:28 Access Tunnels
02:06:57 Smuggling Route
02:21:06 Slezz

Level 5 Wetworks

02:30:36 Electrification Silos
02:44:52 Mess Hall
02:59:25 Chemical Processing
03:05:47 Turbine
03:14:02 Furnace
03:31:56 Loading Bay
03:44:47 Ascent
04:14:50 Ferril

Level 6 Twisted Park

04:25:53 Zoo Entrance
04:43:50 The Aquarium
05:01:21 Ephemera

Level 7 Kagan’s Tower

05:07:44 Xerx’s Labs
05:19:36 Llewelyn Corporate
05:37:02 Unraveller
05:48:46 Media Center
06:01:46 Skybridge
06:10:48 Rooftop
06:25:42 Throne Room


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  • 幹 這畫質也太好了…= = 跟CS1.6的畫質一樣 可是她ㄋㄟˉㄋㄟˉ好大~ 希望這能像惡靈古堡ㄧ樣 重製再裝中文 一定很高分!!

  • I loved this game. Would play it again if I had it. Cryface

  • The voice acting is so awful but the game is great.

  • Rayne As The Next Mortal Kombat 11 Guess Character And Bring Back Laura Bailey 🗡🗡🗡

  • I am still waiting for BloodRayne 3.

  • 5:35:14
    He…..he didn't did he ?

  • Камерой можно было бы так и не дрыгать.
    Похоже на эпилепсию.

  • Wait the kestrel chick sounds like Melina from Mortal combat

  • Best game off all time

  • I remember when I could figure out a way to unlock cheats in this game and how much fun I had as a underage kid playing this game in front of my parents…..such great nostalgic times of the PS2 days……the crazy part is….I beat this game with cheats…..I have never beaten it without them


    Author Reply

    Nostalgia!! Played the second part on ps2!!! Really liked it, and the graphics and blood looked very good at the time!!! Played the 1st years later on pc and it was decent too but the 2nd one is amazing!!!

  • Bloodrayne 2 2004 pc

  • This game really need a sequel.

  • Charlize Theron should’ve played her instead of doing aeon flux.

  • Damn at that time game was insane

  • What's wrong with her face … lmao

  • I played through this for Xbox over a decade ago. I don't remember her moaning and writhing like she does here while sucking blood. 3:55:32

  • 37:38 48:58 49:24 49:48 50:53 56:09 1:32:17 1:37:12 1:39:31 1:39:44 1:40:13 1:41:02 2:17:02 2:59:25 3:00:02 3:42:33 3:43:49 3:45:12 3:45:40 And then it dawn on him I'm getting my ass kicked here! 4:15:11 4:21:16 4:21:27 4:21:45 4:23:07 4:28:07 4:29:19 4:30:13 4:32:30 4:33:56 4:34:13 4:35:14 4:39:55 4:43:33 4:44:00 4:44:29 4:44:50 4:48:50 4:49:04 4:50:12 4:50:53 5:00:37 5:01:37 5:02:15 5:04:16 5:05:13 5:05:42 5:07:00 5:07:08 5:07:30 5:08:21 5:09:37 5:22:11 5:37:02 6:11:27 6:12:35 6:28:03 6:28:50 6:29:52 6:30:35

  • buhe1buhe1

    Author Reply

    I noticed that the female dhampir in the Wetwork building had blades like BloodRayne, while the other female dhampirs at the zoo and Kagan's tower had blades like DarkRayne, as well as the one shown in one of the loading screens. I wonder if the Wetwork one was on purposes or an oopsie, because again the loading screen one had the DarkRayne blades.

  • la cagó pa ser largo este juego reqlo, me quedo con la 1

  • We need a remake for New generation. 😍😍😍😍

  • I loved the first one but I couldn't get into this one. All the focus being on using the harpoon just to progress thru the game ruined it for me. Very much enjoying watching these playthroughs though! Thanks for all the uploads

  • If this game was remade today, Rayne would be wearing a turtleneck sweater

  • 5:09:34

  • Hi! I would like to buy bloodrayne 2 pc version on ebay, but I'm not sure that a old game like this one works on a new pc (Windows 10).. what do you think about it?

  • I loved these games (1&2) but the protrayal of Kestrals are.. well they haven't aged well.

  • Dislike

  • hey did you adjust any rendering settings or ca the fps to make the physics run well?

  • Laura Bailey did such a fantastic job as the voice of Rayne! Great stuff!

  • I actually might make a thing like this. But not copying everything on it. And the protagonist in the thing I'm making is a male.

  • Wish this was remastered for PS4

  • The combat is so much worse than the first one, jesus so bad 🙁


  • Ow! Rayne is a very sexyest girl in my game live ever! I like this bitch!

  • The nostalgia! Omg 😭

  • I miss this game, never made the 3rd one

  • Does she still have that devil's eye

  • seems a lot slower than the first game. Rayne and all the action is like lightning in bloodrayne one