Blessed by Athena [Hades: Episode 9]

Hades on Steam:

Hades is an action roguelite inspired with a rich narrative inspired by Greek mythology. Developed by Supergiant Games (Bastion, Transistor, Pyre), it recently released onto Steam in Early Access after an extended period on Epic. Check it out!

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Hades is a god-like rogue-like dungeon crawler that combines the best aspects of Supergiant’s critically acclaimed titles, including the fast-paced action of Bastion, the rich atmosphere and depth of Transistor, and the character-driven storytelling of Pyre.


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  • I just love this series where every episode is the last episode, and every run is the best run he has had so far, and also how he's been saying he's gonna show us the sword since episode 1 but still has refused to do so even once so far.

  • Wow, he played very well! It took me about twice as many attempts to win.

  • stop skipping dialog you stinky egg

  • Translator's note: B is our cast

  • He has done it. I've been waiting for this moment

  • Dude, Undercover Brother is hilarious and I am happy to see the good word being spread.

  • Artemis did all the work, but Athena gets all the credit…

  • Cannot believe the egg killed Hades before I did.

  • Imagine if you had the seeking arrows with the rail gun 🤯

  • _only wins beacause he had 3 deaths defience_
    "I think 3 deaths defience is a little excessive lets just start the next run with 1000 darkness"

  • NL You are skipping 2 food (HP) drops on every hydra fight! Those floating things in the upper left and right corners are the same items you buy from Charon for 50 gold. Get the free HP during or after the hydra fight please!

  • keep these going!!! i love this series egg

  • Best series you have made in a long time love it

  • ConbzConbz

    Author Reply

    Yasssss well done egg

  • It is insane to see how much better this Lion egg is than me.
    Sure I have unlocked way more things, but that is due to playing the game a lot more times xD

    His skills are just way above mine.

  • Spear is my favourite weapon. The increase attack range and auto attack upgrades, plus athenas dash is an auto win.

  • wow the mad lad did it

    he beat the game and kept playing oh lord

  • Egghead, deflecting dash is one of the best upgrades in the game for the mid game you have entered right now. Just spam it and nothing can hit you.

  • I may have transcribed what was on the window that NL closed prematurely so uh like maybe so others can see 😛

    Congratulations!! You have clambered to the highest reaches of the Underworld. Vanquishing many foes who stood in your way… including Lord Hades, himself!

    But this journey is not over. The adventures of Prince Zagreus will continue as we expand the game in Early Acces!

    Our next Major Update will introduce a new Olympian, among many other enhancements. Until then, look to the Pact of Punishment in the House's courtyard for the ultimate challenge — or see if you can handle insert custom emoji HELL MODE! And, thank you for playing Hades!
    -Supergiant Games

  • you never take the food from the hydra fight


  • Everything other than the final boss is fairly easy once you level up the mirror. Mr Hades himself is what I build every run for.

  • CreoCreo

    Author Reply

    best series on the whole youtubesite right now :O

  • Well done! Stacking dmg on one attack is pretty much the tactic i have found usefull aswell. Bow for example can get around 900dmg crits on its main attack when stuff is chosen right. Also athena dash is awesome

  • Well done my man. Well done.

  • Yo egg please keep this as a series. Even like just an episode a day. I wanna see you go hard in this and get the alt styles for the weapons and stuff. Its stupid fun watching you.

  • it doesnt matter how many attacks you are doing for crit chance consider it as a percentage damage increase if your critsdeal 300% damage (base) just multiply the percentage crit by 3 and thats the damage increase 5% crit is a 15% damage increase doing more attac k just make that closer to the average but if tyou attack slower but deal more damage you can end up above or below that number but eventually you would end up close to it

  • Potion seller

  • yes

  • You can use terrain to hide from any kind of laser (even Hades', hinthint).

  • I feel like Athena is one of the best. Simple, basic, yet effective stuff. Like a good cup of vanilla ice cream.

  • Really surprised NL replaced the boon instead of taking the mark boon, which would have increased his overall crit chance far more. But alas, the rarity fallacy.

  • 43:50 Yes. Please stop speccing into attacks and then using other attacks instead. You keep doing it. lol.

  • Pick the HP from breaking the pots up after the hydra fight, Egg.

  • wow!wow!

    Author Reply

    >let's go with the best pick available
    doesn't take the best pick available

  • Let's go!

  • wonder if he will ever talk to the shopkeeper

  • Let's actually go boys

  • J BJ B

    Author Reply

    Man i tried watching a video of yours from 6 years ago. Literally impossible. Your narrating skills have gotten so much better.

  • Is NL is using the kanji 北 on his vids. Is this his new logo?

  • That was a great Hades fight, congrats on the first win! Keep it coming!

  • I just killed Hades today too! Thanks for inspiring the play though NL.