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Asta Best Moments – Black Clover Asta Best Moments

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Asta Best Moments – Black Clover Asta Best Moments

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  • 00:29 pause forshadowing

  • My favorite moment of this anime had to be when the black bulls jumped in to help final that was so bad ass

  • AstaAsta

    Author Reply

    Most people:Enjoying Asta best scene
    Me:Laughing at Sekke 1 shot scene

  • You are supposed to make videos for viewers not for yourself sucker

  • In all your videos asta x mimosa,Noelle,funny moments
    All are same have some shame
    We have also watched this anime asshole

  • Sucker

  • GaymGaym

    Author Reply

    that beep just destroys everything like literally XD

  • I sometimes think that the word wizard in Japanese means ”Mahjo”
    Sometimes when someone says mahjo
    They subs spell out Magic
    And when someone says Mahjo teninaroka
    The subs will spell out wizard king
    So in others words
    I’m confused

  • 6:40 Scariest shiet men

  • asta wkwk nama ku asta😂

  • imagine watching someone pull a 6 foot sword out of a book

  • Wait what, y u skip through every single good part dude i thought these were astas good parts not his skipped parts besides langris part

  • Asta is such a great anime protoginest

  • 0:56 when they make an epic scene but then they cut it out with a meme BEEP (maybe its a meme its just funny)

  • After seeing the scenes that foreshadow Asta’s demon form makes me wonder what would’ve happened if Asta actually lost consciousness and the demon had full control of Asta’a body… but then again I haven’t read the the manga so I don’t know shit.

  • Ngl I hate how the Black Clover bullies the hell outta Asta. Back when he was being tested to be a knight I knew all of the captains would pick Yunno and none would pick Asta. This show is so predictable. I’m still gonna watch it though

  • For me asta is like meliodas when he comes out hes demon form

  • does that mean asta's grimoire had to be a 4 leaf grimoire first in order for it to become a five leaf grimoire, if so it should be as strong as yuno's.
    Am I wrong?

  • Let the devil out!!

  • You basically gqve us season recap

  • Asta could defeat any one cuz of anti magic and his demon

  • Asta​ is​ character​ my​ favorite​ and​ the​ best​ male​ character​ in​ serie​ Black​ Clover​

  • Secre’s Voice 💕

  • Asta clips

    *Yami somehow makes it in too"

  • Your name is indian+japnese

  • I like the moment when asta beat langris