Are RP Games Scams?

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  • Follow my fucking Twitch! Come through to Streams. Have a good time. K? Live every morning ET

  • Conan Exile is a well working survial game!

  • Every rp game always looks like a GTA clone

  • RP devs be like: I am once again asking for your help

  • Yeah sure red dead redemption cost 644million 7year of work and hundred of People and 3 dev with 100k can make a rp game like aaa studio in 1year

  • these people ruin reputations of legit developers… the problem isnt the fact they use assets. The problem is they dont understand the business, they are poor programmers, and they dont understand actual game design. They are more like Environment Designers than a full on game company. The 2nd problem is that they expect to just put their donation money toward making the game look pretty vs actually hiring a professional to come in and change things… The third problem is the people donating, and reviewing these games, all sides fail to understand the true game development process. The developers are armature game devs, they are pretty much on the same mental capacity as the detonators and its their own game. These people really disgust me. Its been hard to finish most games i work on because of these people ruin it for everyone. If you want to make a game and you dont REALLY understand how, if you dont know that it takes more than just building levels, if you dont know that even if you are a single developer you still need a team, PLEASE dont make these games, im not saying dont make games, but PLEASE stay away from these "dream" games, these One hit wonder, get rich quick ideas… you guys are just scamming yourselves (both devs and players) and really messing everything up for the seasoned devs… please just take this L …. this, "Learning experience", and move on to a new project, one thats a lot smaller, simplified even, keep doing that for years and years, then when youre ready, you know youre ready when GMan himself appears in your room and gives you the ok, then release your first title. but its too laate for these scammers… they already made their dream come true, they got hella money off the community, they already have their families proud of them… its sad really.

  • SO since this video i started inventing engines for NASA XD # be better

  • ZedZed

    Author Reply

    If rockstar made a role play game like fivem it would be amazing

  • Imagine EA releasing a rp game nobody would play it if they added micro transaction lol

  • lmao just play GTA V RP

  • All these games remind me of what that one friend in high school wanted to make…

  • just buy gta v and get fivem

  • I think I can be done for sure but it takes time and we have seen this happen many times before I think Arma has done very very in many ways but gta5 has failed so the dreams of a game like this coming to life can happen but it takes the right team and money so I agree with you bigfry and thank you again for doing these videos man it saves alot of people money and time that can be used some where else

  • I think it's telling that almost if not all of the rp games that are successful are mods of other games or G-Mod which is a mod of the source engine.

  • FiveM is proof that it's not as it's the most popular RP game ever

  • 4EF4EF

    Author Reply

    I'm curious. Why don't a group of RPG Dev's from their independent games come together as one to create the ultimate, huge RPG?

  • FiveM is legit

  • It’s just sad that when people aim to make something that they dream of inspired from other games, they only see portions of those games and not knowing how much resources it took to make that far.

    Indie has more energy than corporate company, sure, but suffers the management resources to achieve big scope project, not unless they start small and work a bunch of years to grow it larger.

  • KevinKevin

    Author Reply

    Small team with big games, if they don’t deliver they will be claimed as scams

  • These games would have such an easier time if they would focus on something simple, like recreating DarkRP, instead of trying to make "GTA but better: the sequel" when they've never even touched a fucking game engine… How in the hell do you get off selling a game when you don't even know how to code a door.

  • The problem isn't RP, it's there's too many game clones.

  • Project Life has Died. Lol

  • KurdKurd

    Author Reply

    DayZ is a great survival game tho

  • Yes they are scams.

  • No because they’re enjoyable so who cares

  • Rockstar games should make one to stop this whole thing.

  • what is the game he is showing of in the entire video it looks good but i fear it is a scam

  • so if dead matters trash your youtube career comes to an abrupt end is what you're saying xD

  • I don't back games anymore, I'm still waiting for 7 days to die…….

  • MrXMrX

    Author Reply

    Short answer; YES THEY ARE SCAMS because these scammers know what people want, its a game where you can play real life.

  • Gary's mod is cool

  • You're so f**** candid I love it keep up the good work

  • Jay YJay Y

    Author Reply

    All except for GMOD!!! Valve still rules the land, not stand alone thou.

  • To be honest I would love to see a full map rp like they describe but like unturned graphics so it’s runnable and graphics are good