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Android 8.1 for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (p4wifi / GT-P7510) (p4 / GT-P7500) (p4tmo / SGH-T859)

Important Notice !

Please follow updated video for 7500 7510 and T858

How to upgrade Tab 10.1 P7500 P7510 & SGH-T859 from Android 3 to Nougat + Roms #DCatF #PuckRom2019

if you are still on stock or Tab is softbricked follow this video first !!!

Unbrick Samsung P7510 Tablet and upgrade to AOSP (Android 7.1.2) full process 2019

Developer Decatf a senior member as worlds only
Created Android M Nougat and now Oreo for this 7 years and 7 months old Tablet – yes for real ..

Great hardware make this possible and is your tablet still running on Jellybean – then this video might be handy for you 🤓👌

Get your copy and make sure to watch the Big Sys
TWRP part cause no other Twrp will do 😉

More info and downloads

Good luck upgrading I can say until now
battery live seems alright !

Video by Channel48
With Puck Darlington (c)2019

Nguồn: https://lpmndc.org

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  • Newest Rom "U PAD ROM" for Samsung Tab 10.1 models P7500 P7510 & SGH-T859 – Full install + Tips 2020

  • TrigTrig

    Author Reply

    I've got a GT-P7500 but windows do not recognize anyway. I tried everything I could but nothing. If someone know how to fix it help me please. tks
    And another thing, I'd like to know which odin version I have to use.

  • youtub and playestor problame help me sir

  • I love to run Android systems on my desktop

  • J RJ R

    Author Reply

    Wow. You're my XDA on youtube! LOL.

  • hey budy this rom could work on GT-P5110

  • Hello once again, i need a custom rom for Samsung j105y cant seem to find one please… i like how the device works so would like to see it on a custom rom

  • Hello Friend

    I have a problem I updated my p4 gt-p7500 with android 8.1 but it was very slow I wanted to go back to nougat version 7.1.2 but when I run the rom it stays for hours on the release-keys screen and it doesn't go away.

    Please help me.

  • Please,do I need unlock bootloader?

  • can i upgrade the gt p7500R, please and thanks (last version in this tablet is 4.0 kernel 3.1.10)

  • Hello. I've a P7500 tablet. I have a problem. When I install twrp with odin, at last there is a message "invalid binary signature" and installation is failed. Can u help me?

  • Did you ever get the camera to work with open camera in this video?

  • Hey, great Video. I've got a p7501. Does it work, too or is it another fw?

  • Android Oreo on nVidia Tegra processors

  • Where can I download TWRP 3.1.1 with BigSys

  • Why do you need an antivirus, not only is it most likey a battery eater, but the play store has a built-in antivirus. And it's time to upgrade to windows 10.

  • I've also been taking liberties with this tablet…when looked at in the right way the P7500 IS the definition of a developers device with room to expand on different additions of external capable accessories….upon taking apart my P7500 discovered are ports to add external sd…s pen port….these were added to this tablet I feel in anticipation of the upcoming devices..the gentleman who last commented is absolutely correct…the kernel has to be dealt with first and ram then gapps also I've been brushing off my micro soldering still hands and I've soldered off the memory and replaced it with larger memory also I've added some allocated ram as backup I'm very excited to create a whole new creature quite possibly if all goes well a side scrolling edge lcd that displays alerts ECT….although it will cease to be a Samsung product I will be proud of having made it!!! Thanks for the blueprint to a good rom

  • As I rooted the tablet with this ROM, I tried supersu Zip and it didn't root. I await an answer.

  • Hello! How to Unroot and revert back to Official firmware (4.0.4) my P7510?!

  • Thanks man but i couldn't find where to download "TWRP BigSys" in the link you post in describtion

  • Is this still working?? Any lags?? Just got this tablet for cheap and ap store is totally outdated.i can't do anything.

  • good afternoon, thanks I worked, but as I do so that the camera works I could do a tutorial. or explain how to fix it

  • Good Morning! GT-P7500 has no memory card slot, how did you install it in yours?

  • waze no working correct maps open black , have one solutions for this problem ?

  • Can this rom use for Gt-P7500 model ?

  • Is this rom should work on galaxy tab 8.9 ?

  • Excuse me but again me, you can order in XDA Developers a ROM for the same tablet in android 9 Pie.

  • If it works, thank you.

  • If you follow the instructions as is, if it works.

  • Hello, it served me but that Oppen Gapps devo use, you could answer me with the direct link of the gapps and some instructions thanks. Is that the gapps that you download can not be installed. I would appreciate. Download the play store but exit and do not enter.

    Look in this link that takes the video asks me to select some aspects to download the gapps which I should select from: Platform, Android, Variant. this is the link: https://opengapps.org/

  • What is the zip file you downloaded I've been trying for an hour now can't find it

  • Is there a steo by step way to do this?
    This looks confuse and where is the download for other file?

  • Is rom porting safe?

  • Thanks for sharing !! You rules