A Professional City Planner Builds His Ideal City in Cities Skylines • Professionals Play

We brought in a real city planner to see how well his expertise applies to Cities Skylines.

#ProfessionalsPlay #CitiesSkylines #CityPlanner

Cities:Skylines / Paradox Interactive


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  • That city actually looks pretty neat, if i was offered me to live in that kind of city i would accept it no hesitation

  • i feel like he is working more than playing the game

  • High end neighborhood gets the nice not boring roads and the “others” get the gridlock system?? ://

  • Hese a stonned city planner. 😁 explains alot.

  • This videos awesome and I’m not huge into this game but I have lived and worked in and all over LA and I gotta say Culver City is the worst area of Los Angeles for traffic in my opinion. Hope you can or have changed this

  • I swear i could watch hundreds of episodes of him playing this

  • Country Roooooaads, take me home!

  • Ugliest City ive ever seen bro

  • Too baby this game has no Vanilla multi-use zoning. The only way to get multi-use zoning is the RICO mod.

  • There are too many fake free gems and gold hacks, I can not believe people fall for those scams. The only website that is working is Gamecrook, tried it myself.

  • Do not trust the spam videos on Youtube so you donnt fall for one of those survey scams. The only website that worked for me is Gamecrook.

  • count dankula

  • Using a mod. That's kinda cheating. Lols!

  • classic wow

  • He might be a city planner, but he’s not a cities skylines player


  • This guy doesn’t know that cities skylines is from Finland and saunas ARE A CIVIL NECESSITY

  • Next do real politician plays Cities Skylines he would benefit from the “Hide Problems” and “Hide Demands” mod!

  • probally not a real city planner

  • Wow, never thought even a city planner plays on infinite money.
    Btw, quick tip: You might have better luck if you'll play SimCity 3000. It's way older (it was released in 1999!) but also way easier, and you can connect with neighboring cities to sell excess power (if you have any) and you don't need to grow your city to a population to unlock different densities of zones, all zone densities are available when you start the city. Oh, and before you build anything in your city, you can modify the terrain (if you are playing SimCity 3000 Unlimited) without spending money or just generate a new one. And (hopefully) the final "Oh", you have disasters in the base game (unlike Cities Skylines) if you like events, but I would personally disable them. And please, DON'T play the 2013 SimCity. It had problems and bad reputation from the very beginning, so don't play it.

  • Why does it look like he’s making San Andreas?


  • Did this clown just say ‘much more broader’ at 0:28? What college did he go to Sesame Street University? Horrible English! Don’t trust people with bad English!

  • Uhh I play this game and am I the only one who puts like 4 high schools ,elementaries, and stuff on the same street

  • Good to know the reason so many neighborhoods funnel everyone through so few chokepoints is because "grids are boring." 😂

  • Mark Brendanawicz type beat

  • Someone made a poop volcano in this game and it got more views lol

  • For gods sake pause the fucking game clock