4 Tips To IMPROVE Your CS and Farm Like The Pros – League of Legends

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  • Well thanks bro☺

  • How do you auto attack the right champion when they are on top of each other.

  • laughs in jungle

  • dan sounds like rumble (from the board game audio play) but i guess hes EZREAL!?

  • İm a support main but thanks this will help steal more farm from my adc or apc

  • Thankfully im a support main

  • laughs in support

  • If you take buffs from your jungler, break your own legs.

  • Practice 3 levels

  • MDerpMDerp

    Author Reply

    So basically if I have a student debt I should take the job that gives the least pay, to train myself?

  • AhriAhri

    Author Reply

    Wraith camp… bruh

  • Thanks really helped even though I won't use it for lol in PC but cp(wild rift

  • guys just play sooloq if u want practise

  • this is so useless when you use Anivia lmao, nothing can change my mind
    What makes her different from other mid lane scalers? (Kassadin, Azir, Vladimir, Rzye)

    Vladimir has no MANA. he can use his spells in early to late as a last hit to minions
    Kassadin? his w has passive damage from basic attacks, hes like zed now but with every attack
    Azir? He has attack speed to help with that. Or even better his soldiers! which cost so little
    Ryze? woah look at that the mana cost on his skills are so cute, its so smol.

    HOW ABOUT ANIVIA? her early game is fked, her skills require LOTS of MANA.

  • DiegoDiego

    Author Reply

    i wa on proguides but i did not improve my level so I quitted, but I think is a great page to learn.

  • i understood that naruto reference

  • some of the info in this is just wrong. How are you going to do a guide with bad info?

  • ive watched like 10 of these vids now and i havent noticed thats ezreal

  • what about senna and her souls?

  • u mean every second?

  • Literally learned more in the comments than in the actual video… sad proguides… very sad

  • I've been practicing CS for a while and finally got Global Elite.

  • ProGuides: "You should be actively rotating around the map to take CS in specific spots.

    Ezreal: "Who needs a map?"

  • But if u get used to low attack speed and low dmg, it might effect ur gameplay in an actual game where u have good runes, meaning you can’t maximise ur csing

  • i really need urh elp this is my discord help me please im tryng a lot swikoun#6925

  • "With runes that do not hel-"

    Ha Bold of you to assume I'm higher than level 7

  • AW WAW W

    Author Reply

    Jeremy gaming curious anyone?

  • Only site which worked is zepisguides so you might want to try it.

  • I can't believe that I eventually found a web app that is working. Got a lot of free resources from Dantasguides

  • 5:10 You sound like u have never been in silver and below, that quinn will take every fucking chance to poke you even if it means overextending and your jungler won't be there to help you punish her for that, because he is busy idk afking in the bush at mid waiting for opportunity to gank that will never come and if you grab that quinn and pull her under tower she will just press e and it will be as if nothing ever happened (in best case scenario she burns her flash). And on top of that quinn is a ranged champion which means, given thet as already established your jungler is most likely a potato and will ignore a free kill, that she can easily force the wave into the tower forcing you to set up that freeze again, all while she pokes you to death and prepares you for towerdive from her team.

  • this can help low elos, but we need something for mid tier as gameplay gets way more advanced

  • If I go bot to cs my team goes 4v5 mid and flames me. If I'm mid too nothing happens. I go bot they go in. After 20 min they play ARAM, and if we ace them, they go drake or baron instead of ending.

  • Great video !! Thank you so much.
    Btw, your voice just like the reworked Ezreal

  • Tip number one: main support there we go cs is not longer an issue. Still struggling? That’s ok main Jana cs is gone

  • When ur Bronze and below….

  • Thank you I just jumped into LoL so thats very helpfull

  • Thanks, gonna use this to help my support games

  • you have a very soothing voice i love it

  • 6:03

  • Can anyone tell me who the character being played by dopa is at 8:48

  • PazePaze

    Author Reply

    I still dont know what cs stands for bruh

  • this video is a literal clickbait or just a guide for a person who just installed league on their pc

  • You lost me at pretty much everything you're saying.

  • Lol practice by farming with anivia with no attack speed. Ungodly level of difficulty.

  • One thing I'm learning: for the love of God don't take the mid lane when your starting out. No one is going to help you

  • Excelent video

  • Okay so question: How do you still properly CS or at least not miss 3 or 4 waves when your enemy laner is playing a very abusive Champ that zones you off for fear of death? Like Quinn or Vayne? How do I manage to farm while not dying? I can accept I'll lose trades fine but most the time I can't even farm under tower without losing 40% of my health just to last hit one MELEE minion because Marksmen Top are always either just outside the tower range or just within it's range but can leave fast enough before they get shot and it's utter bs man.