15 BEST Samurai And Ninja Games You NEED To Play

Let’s take a look back and talk about what have been some of the best ninja and samurai related games over the years. In this list, we’re going to take a look at fifteen such games. Given just how vast and popular this genre is, it goes without saying that this list isn’t going to be exhaustive by any means, so if we failed to mention any of your favourites, fire away in the comments section below.

Also note that just for the purpose of this feature, we’re clubbing samurais and ninjas together- we know they’re not one and the same. But you know, convenience and all. Also, this list is in random order and isn’t ranked, so keep that in mind as well.





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  • I’m a bit surprised shadow warrior didn’t make it to this list.

  • 58586

  • 47885

  • 11123424

  • No one has made a proper samurai game outside of the Way Of The Samurai games and it's honestly an awful world we live in because of it

  • Your sound like mr bean

  • Metal gear rising revengence
    Ninja gaiden sigma 2 and gaiden 3
    Are the og's aint nobody beating that 👌

  • Ninja blade?

  • I thought it was pronounced "N-eye-oh"

  • lol we really dont need to play this 2d crap seriosly

  • Ninja Gaiden NES. Those cutscenes were epic back in those days.

  • So u don't know what Shadow Warrior is?

  • Where is Shinobido: Way of the ninja? Probably the best ninja game ever that we need for PC and new consoles.

  • It really hurts to hear how he pronounces Tenchu. 😭

  • Ninja Gaiden is way better than Nioh. It's the best game ever made by human hands. And I mean the first on Xbox classic and Black and on ps3 Sigma (Remake). It has the best spirit. It's a traditional hack & slay has a good story about family, Values like honor loyalty but also betrayal, top soundtracks good graphic, top fighting Spirit and energy. I know it's not the classic conventional ninja like tenchu. But he brings fighting Spirit bombastic gameplay and c awesome cutscenes. That nioh shit with that blonde ass European is just darksouls bullshit. Team ninja have to get itagaki back and bring a new one.

  • We need a new Ninja Gaiden
    Best game of all time!

  • I was really hoping to see Bushido Blade on this list. Super underrated game

  • In mortal Kombat most of the characters are in Samuri or Ninja based.

  • BRUH you call these Games

  • I want more games where you play as an actual Ninja with stealth and all.

  • Bushido blade should have been the base for future fighters. It can end in one fatal blow or last forever until someone makes a mistake. Would love to see a modern day take on it

  • Tenchu – Wrath of Heaven is my all time favourite Ninja Game! Favourite Character: Dr Tesshu Fujioka! When the law fails to serve justice, one can buy justice. This is a story of Tesshu Fujioka, a doctor by day and a hired assassin by night. These lines still get to me… even today.. so many years later! 🙂

  • Hey no Afro Samurai! 😂

  • Man I was looking forward to either getting Nioh or Ghost of Tsushima which btw is also pretty good but either of them are on xbox smh

  • really, no turtles?! 🙁

  • I can't wait for ghost of tsushima! Great games!

  • No shadow tactics blades of the shogun?

  • Shadow Tactics is brilliant. The Last Ninja on C64 a classic.

  • ha kaha ka

    Author Reply

    hahahah shot fired on total war series
    hahaha but its true shogun 2 is literally the best even i only play shogun 2 as well

  • shinobido de play 2 es un juegazo,. el q mas me gusta de ninjas,.

  • Ninja Blade

  • Incoming, Ghost of Tsushima

  • You forgot soul of the samurai

  • Shinobido top 1

    Tenchu top 2

    more to say such as red ninja

  • Wrath of heavens two player game was the best

  • Talk too much

  • ok ill give you a tip . DO NOT PLAY FOR HONOR .

  • Onimusha is my favourite samurai game.

  • Wtf is this intro ?