#1462 Bally GILLIGAN'S ISLAND Pinball Machine-TIPS & Game Play! TNT Amusements

Todd and Rob Tuckey explore a Bally GILLIGAN’S ISLAND Pinball Machine. The Game Play is like watching an unknown episode of the popular TV series. We go over carefully all of the clever rules of play! Learn an important almost unknown fix you can do to your machine that probably was never done–another one of “Todd’s Tips”! And watch us install brand new artwork on the cabinet too!
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  • I think this was one of the very few ballys that had the speakers above the backglass. Most of them were on the DMD panel.

  • It that were a thirties to fifties game there would be HUGE Maryanne and ginger pin UPS plastered all over

  • DMD missing line. Just sayin-

  • SisuSisu

    Author Reply

    As ever,this pin has just gone through the masters at TNT,awwwwwesome!

  • Any other first time watchers thinking what I'm thinking?

  • I love watching TNT! Love the humor and learning about great pinball machines. I love the technology and artwork. Lots of respect from Canada.

  • You can see that this game works well with modern lights color scheme and music really make this an experience rather than just another pin. This is the best Gilligans on the planet. It is memorizing with the green color reminds me of the Enchated Tiki Room TNT always is the Cadillac of repair shops!

  • 31:53…Her name was Ginger because why???? BECAUSE HER HAIR IS RED.

  • 9:30 Coconut light should be brown not white.

  • this game is so underated. very sImple. But very good!

  • so faaake….

  • I got one. He is canon.

  • Awesome episode Todd! Very cool to see the restoration process. What a neat machine.

  • Can't stop laughing at the end skit! Hilarious! The poor wife.

  • Just got my Gilligan last month!!!! I am going to use some of your techniques for lighting. I ALSO have new artwork that came with it that has not been applied yet. I'll give it a shot in the summer.

    I like the yellow T molding also!! I might add that also

  • Awesome! No wonder you it took some time to get this out. I LoL'd a lot on this one. To many gems to even mention. Thank you Todd for doing this.
    The game looks like a lot of fun and is beautiful. Art.

  • Very cool video. Thanks for posting and have a nice day too.

  • You schould have added your wife as Ginger she would have been perfect probably braught many more fans then rob lol

  • using the term Strip Jar that is so close to Strip Bar to a cop in learning O_O lol well that humor ran out the window and froze in midair 😛 well it did. finally got the – 2 out of here and now the snow comes

  • see I might be odd and I might be wordy and yes supposedly it takes a smart person to admit they are dumb but um well vice versa on that. 😛 anyway apparently Rob is really smart 😛 cause he said he's dumb. Usually um other channels will have someone suddenly say in the middle of an electronics discussion thing as they reverse engineer something .. am I talking out my ass. yes I'm talking out my ass. okay nevermind.. So yes I can be a wordy and nobody can understand what I say. 🙁 that sucks. Got several problems but ADD and OCD are somewhere in that me-lee. Problem with ADD is I can get hyper focused on something and I learn more than you think I do from watching TNT. or Clive 😛 So I've actually saved nearly $1k that I would have had to spend because they are teaching electronics and you don't even know it. Oh and I loved Gilligans until I watched it too much. Not to self do not overwatch something (Titanic did that) 😛 couple others too. Three stooges didn't. So they are alright. Apollo 13 ? can you overwatch that? I don't think so not yet. And you haven't brought the sweetheart up yet. Other than the two idiots on the game. I'm sure maybe the Jerk and the girl will show up… (oh I meant Jock :P)

  • I played a transporter back in the summer of 89 when it was virtually new. Never saw another one again…