🔴Game Maker Studio 2 | Advanced – Metroid style minimap part 2

This video tutorial shows you in the second part how to setup a mini map in gamemaker studio like you see in metroid/metroidvania games. The trick is very simple in its nature, simply take one big map and just show a small snipped of it.

Here we get to the second part. Here you need to understand what datastructer are and how to setup a query on them.

The setup is quite easy to understand:
1. Create ds_map and fill it up with all possible cells
2. Draw the whole map and cut the part needed (first video)
3. Then draw a sprite on each cell,

Depending if it is discovered use a diffrent image index for the sprite used. That image index (0 for transparent, 1 for “empty” cell) is being stored in ds_map.

4. When changing the level, update discovered “key” of the ds_map entries. Update the position of the player


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  • Thanks for the tutorial. I can fill out the ds_map with a 'visited' or 'blank' color, but I'm trying to draw room details like walls and doors. I have a whole map sprite I'm trying to just reveal cell by cell. I can reveal the cell I'm in using draw_sprite_part, but it only draws it while I'm in the room – when I leave, I can't see it on the grid anymore.



    minimap_ds_map[? cell], //Set the cell as blank or filled

    minimap_left, //The column position (x) of the sprite part we want to draw

    minimap_top, //The row position (y) of the sprite part we want to draw

    24, //Width of the part of the sprite we want to draw

    24, //Height of the part of the sprite we want to draw

    minimap_x + 16, //The left edge of the overall map

    minimap_y + 8 //The top edge of the overall map

    Any advice? It looks like your map has details on the walls.

  • interesante tutorial
    crees que pueda funcionar con game maker 8?

  • Nice

  • This is a tough cookie: If you get lost I have in the small description in the info box what is being done here.