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Presidential Poll Results

Results are in for the first in the nation Libertarian Presidential Poll. The poll was conducted by the Libertarian Party of Metropolitan Nashville and Davidson County. The unscientific poll ran from October 14th through November 2nd 2011. 1828 votes were cast. Poll results are listed below.

Bill Still 1205 votes or 65.9%

R. J. Harris 280 votes or 15.3%

Jim Burns 186 votes or 10.2%

Lee Wrights 67 votes or  3.7%

NOTA 37 votes or 2%

Angela Keaton 19 votes or 1%

Wayne Root votes or 16 0.9%

Carl Person 6 votes or 0.3%

Roger Gary 5 votes or 0.3%

John M. Finan 0 votes or 0%

Joy Waymire 0 votes or 0%

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