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Libertarian Party of Metropolitan Nashville and Davidson County

Bylaws and Principles

I. Name and Purpose

The Libertarian Party of Metropolitan Nashville and Davidson County (LPMNDC), an affiliate of the Libertarian Party (LP) and the Libertarian Party of Tennessee (LPTN), Tennessee hereafter being defined as the state of Tennessee, exists to Promote the principles and candidates of the LP, the LPTN and the LPMNDC and expand the membership of the LP, the LPTN, and the LPMNDC.

Our mission is to: Implement the purpose of LPMNDC by: surveying the political landscape, staking out new areas for expansion, and spreading throughout Davidson County and beyond.

II. Statement of Principles

A. Each man and woman possesses the inalienable right to life, liberty and to justly acquired property.

B. No person or institution, public or private, has the right to use fraud or coercion or physical force against men or women except in the defense of life, liberty, or justly acquired property belonging to a man or a woman.

C. All individuals are entitled to choose their own lifestyles as long as they do not forcibly impose their values on others.

D. The only ethical basis of government is the preservation and protection of the rights men and women.

E. The voluntary exchange of goods and services is fundamental to any socioeconomic system which provides for the harmonious integration of divergent value systems.

III. Membership

A. Membership in the LPMNDC shall consist of anyone who resides in Metropolitan Nashville and Davidson County or a surrounding county without an organized LP affiliate that has signed a membership form and the non-aggression pledge, or is already a member of the National Libertarian Party or the Libertarian Party of Tennessee.

B. To be a voting member of the LPMNDC at a caucus or meeting, you must have been a member of LPMNDC for at least 90 days.

C. No LPMNDC membership dues shall be charged, however voluntary contributions and monthly pledges are encouraged.

IV. Officers

A. Beginning at the first annual caucuses to be held within sixty days following the adoption of these bylaws, the voting members of LPMNDC shall elect a chair, vice chair, and a secretary/ treasure.

B. These officers shall hold office for two years or until their successors are elected.

C. All officers must have been LPMNDC members for at least 90 days.

D. Any officer of the LPMNDC, including those elected under the provisions of Article IV, Section F, can be recalled by a 3/4 majority of the voting members.

E. Duties of Officers:

1. The Chair serves as the executive officer of LPMNDC, moderates all LPMNDC meetings, and sets the agenda for LPMNDC.

2. The Vice-Chair assists the Chair, and acts as Chair when the Chair is not available.

3. The Secretary/ Treasurer assists the Chair in maintaining membership records and records the proceedings of all LPMNDC business meetings, including accurate vote tallies. In accordance with LPTN by-laws, the secretary/treasure shall maintain a list of non-national members who are certified by the County Chair as LPMNDC members. This list shall be kept current and shall be forwarded to the LPTN Secretary bi-annually by February 1 and August 1 of each year, so that such may be certified as LPTN members.  The secretary/treasurer receives and gives receipts for all funds paid to and from LPMNDC. Regularly provides a report for all funds paid to and from LPMNDC.

F. During the regular caucus other officers and committees, not specifically mentioned in by-laws, but required by the growth of LPMNDC may be nominated and elected by the legislature of LPMNDC. Duties of such officers may be defined by the legislature at the time that such officers are elected.

V. Legislature and Voting

A. The Legislature of LPMNDC consists of all voting members of LPMNDC defined in Article III sections A and B of these bylaws.

B. All votes must be taken in a regularly scheduled, open meeting, except where otherwise noted.

C. All amendments, proposals, resolutions, recommendations, etc. are voted on by a show of a single hand.

D. Approval or repeal rests on a majority vote of the Legislature, except where otherwise noted.

VI. Elections

A. The election of LPMNDC officers occurs during the business meeting of the annual Caucus, except when a vacancy must be temporally filled.

B. Within one month of election to the office of Chair, the Chair shall announce the date of the next annual caucus.

C. Nominations for office come from the floor, and must be seconded.

D. A candidate must receive a fifty-one percent approval from voting members for election.  If in an election no single candidate receives a fifty-one percent approval from voting members a run-off election between the two candidates who received the most votes shall be held until one candidate receives a fifty-one percent approval from voting members.

E. None of the Above (NOTA) shall automatically be a candidate for nomination for all elected offices, and shall be announced by the Chair as such. Should NOTA receive a majority on the first ballot, the Chair shall immediately call for new nominations for that office, and a second vote shall be held. Should NOTA receive a majority on the second ballot, then no candidate shall be nominated for that office. NOTA will only be a candidate in a run-off election if NOTA was among the two candidates receiving the most votes in the first round of voting.

F. Upon the resignation of or abandonment of duties of an officer the following procedures shall be used to replace said officers:

1. All resignations of officers shall be submitted to the legislature of LPMNDC, in writing with a thirty (30) day notice.

2. An officers who fails to perform duties prescribed by these bylaws for their office for ninety days shall be considered to have resigned from that office.

3. All efforts should be made to contact an officer believed to have resigned from office under Article VI, Section F, Sub-section 2.

4. At the general meeting immediately following the resignation, the moderator announces the vacancy and the date of the meeting in which nominations and the election occur.

5. The election follows the procedures outlined in Article VI, Sections A, B, C, and D.

VII. Funds and Spending

A. Expenditures incurred while meeting the requirements of these by-laws and office related materials fall under the purview of the Chair.

B. Expenditures for outreach (e.g. literature, banners, tables, signs, chairs, etc.) and political materials (e.g., maps, voter lists, paid petitioners, campaign software, etc.) require a majority approval of the legislature.

VIII. Meetings

A. General meetings must be held at least once every two months and should be announced at least thirty days in advance. All meetings are open to the general public.

B. The Agenda is set by the moderator (i.e., Chair or Secretary/Treasure).

IX. Amendments

A. This entire document may be altered only during the business meeting of an announced annual caucus.

B. Any proposed by-law, amendment, alteration, resolution, recommendation, etc. must pertain only to one item without addendums and must be in written form.

C. Proposed amendments must be submitted to the LPMNDC secretary/treasure at least 90 days prior to the annual caucus in writing and posted or published in clear sight on the LPMNDC website and or any other acceptable method of notifying the membership. Said proposals shall also be read at one of the regular meetings proceeding the annual caucus.

D. Amendments to Article IX Section D, Articles I and II require a seven-eighths majority approval and may be altered only during the business meeting of an announced annual caucus. All other amendments shall require three-fourths majority for approval.

E. Unless otherwise stated, amendments shall take effect upon adoption.

F. Any section of these by laws which shall be or become void due to changes in the bylaws of the national LP or LPTN shall automatically be considered void.

G. The chair may call a special caucus for the specific purpose of making amendments required by changes to the bylaws of the national LP or LPTN, a sixty day notice shall be given of such a special caucus and such proposed changes in the same manner as regular amendments must be proposed.

X. Adoption of by-laws

1. Proposed by-laws shall be made known to those interested in the establishment of LPMNDC by being posted on the LPMNDC web site in clear site for at least 30 days before the bylaws may be considered.

2. The date the bylaws shall be considered in a general meeting shall also be posted in clear site on the LPMNDC website in clear site for at least 30

days before the bylaws may be considered.

3. A monitored discussion group shall be established for deliberation on the bylaws and goals and objectives of LPMNDC. Comments and suggestions from this discussion will be read and considered at the meeting considering the adoption of these bylaws.

4. A quorum for the adoption of these bylaws shall consist of all present at the meeting at the time the bylaws are brought up for a vote.

5. The bylaws shall be discussed and may be amended at the meeting by a simple majority.

6. Once adopted, a copy of these bylaws and subsequent approved amendments shall be filed with the Secretary of LPTN.

XI. Method of conducting conventions and meetings and functions

The most current edition of Roberts Rules of Order shall be the method by which all conventions and meetings and functions, pursuant to the bylaws of the

LPMNDC, shall be held, and the legislature of the LPMNDC is hereby empowered to adopt its own rules for procedures at its sole option, and all other acts and resolutions which are necessary and proper for the running of the party, which acts and resolutions need not be passed as amendments to these bylaws, except where required herein.


Approved March 1, 2008 at Nashville, Tennessee in the county of Davidson.

Last Amended January 11, 2013 at Nashville, Tennessee in the county of Davidson

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