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Libertarians advocated for individual freedom on both economic and personal or social issues.  Many conservatives espouse libertarian views on economic issues.  Most conservatives oppose individual freedom on personal or social issues.  While conservatives may campaign on a stance that aligns with the libertarian view on economic issues, they seldom act on those views once they actually get elected.  

Ronald Reagan

By definition, a conservative conserves.  Conserving means either to keep things as they are or to slow changes to the way things are.  Liberals often identify as progressives, as they advocate progressing toward certain political, social, and economic goals.  Conservatives may try to stop or slow these advances, but once the advances are made, conservatives will seldom move to reverse the progress made by progressives.  While Libertarians are often confused with conservatives, because of shared views on economic issues, libertarians are not conservatives.   Noble Laureate F. A. Hayek wrote an excellent essay Why I am Not a Conservative that explains the difference between libertarians and conservatives.  Some activists within the libertarian movement may identify themselves as conservatives.   

Libertarians want to see a great reduction in the size, cost, reach, and power of government.  Conservatives would be happy to see government stay the same size, or to slow the growth in the size, cost, reach, and power of government.  Libertarians are not conservatives and conservatives are not libertarians, although some conservatives may work within the libertarian movement.  

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