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Libertarian vs. libertarian

The term “Libertarian” refers to someone or ideas associated with the Libertarian Party.  In this sense, the term “Libertarian” is narrow in its meaning.  In contrast the term “libertarian” refers to the general philosophical framework and resulting policies that are espoused by the Libertarian Party and those associated with other political parties and political movements that support individual rights. 

End the FED

Nashville Libertarians particpated in the End the Fed Ralley

According to Article 3 Purpose of the Libertarian Party Bylaws, the Libertarian Party functions, “as a libertarian political entity separate and distinct from all other political parties or movements.” The Libertarian Party includes libertarians that hold a wide range of views on a large number of topics.  Libertarians unite in their support of individual rights above anything else.  

The Libertarian Party may support those outside the Libertarian party in their efforts to promote libertarian views, but this should not be seen as a wholesale endorsement.  




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